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Samsung medical center, awarded the title of "Hospital of the presidential standards", offers its patients a variety of medical services pursuant to more than twenty core areas. For treatment use only modern equipment and innovative technology.
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Samsung medical center - South Korea
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About clinic Samsung medical center

Samsung Medical center is the clinic of the presidential standards. Its international office is recognized as the best in the territory of Korea on the admission of citizens of foreign countries.

Doctors of the hospital have extensive experience and have been in constant contact with professors from such world renowned cancer centers like Mayo Clinic Rochester, Johns Hopkins Hospital, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Besides honey. center Samsung has partnered with Samsung Corporation, which provides the best diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

a Complex surgery to remove cancerous tumors surgeons clinics Samsung carried out with the use of gamma-knife — radiosurgery beskonusnogo method involving treatment of the affected foci of radiation beams. This is one of the most effective ways of cancer treatment, so most patients after treatment in the hospital forever forget the terror I experienced when I found out he had cancer.


  • Is the first medical institution which has been certified by the Ministry of Health and welfare in Korea.
  • for the First time in Korea, was carried out small bowel transplantation and liver transplantation have three children, first bloodless liver transplant, transplantation of pancreatic tissue is homogeneous.
  • Samsung has included in the list of best hospitals according to the Ministry of health of Korea.
  • the survival rate after complex operations exceeds the average of the United States. When liver transplant (success rate: 95%), pediatric leukemia (swollen lymph nodes survival rate: 82%, acute leukemia bone marrow: 50,7%, homogenous transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells: 68%).
  • the Best survival rates in the world in the birth rate of premature infants — the Department of Pediatrics of the clinic Samsunggalaxy to ensure the survival of severely premature baby (born in the 25th week of pregnancy) with a weight of just 380g. The survival rate of severely premature babies exceeds 50%, which is the best indicator in the world.
Clinic reviews
I went to Samsung medical center for examination, when the liver on ultrasound I found some strange education. In order to understand what it is, I was recommended to do a biopsy, which if it is cancer can cause tumor growth. I decided to go to Korea, to the clinic Samsung. Here I have made a full examination, said that only a liver hemangioma, a biopsy do not even have.
After I got cancer of the stomach, I began to consider all the possible treatment options. It was possible to stay in Russia or go abroad. Don't want to hurt domestic medicine, but everyone knows — there are problems with medicines and equipment. So ideally I would like to be treated abroad. I began to compare different clinics in different countries, read reviews. Originally I thought about Europe, but quite unexpectedly found out that in Asia the medicine is also at a very high level, with prices much more affordable. In the end, I chose the Samsung medical center in Seoul, as its framework operates the nation's largest cancer center, which uses the most modern methods of cancer treatment. About your choice I have never regretted that went well, and the operation and subsequent treatment. Separately want to say about the atmosphere in the clinic. She is very friendly, the staff is always ready to help, there are various possibilities in order to to do, and not to lie for days in the house, the group of psychological support. Because of the language, though, is to take advantage of all of it, but you can always use the services of an interpreter. If someone there is also the question of where to go for treatment, I definitely suggest to consider the option of the medical center Samsung. 
Clinic Samsung has become a real salvation for me. I was surveyed about headaches and dizziness, in Russia, I put a very abstract diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease, were treated with tablets. In Samsung, where I decided to go on the advice of friends, I ran a diagnostic, found specific pathology and surgery — non-invasive bypass grafting of arteries of the brain. The problem was solved quickly and almost painlessly. 
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