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The Charité Clinic

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The Berlin Charite hospital (hospital of charity or love of neighbor — French Charité) is the most famous University clinic of Germany in Europe, founded in 1710 and is one of the oldest traditional medical institutions in Germany. The complex includes 17 specialized centers, including hundreds of specialized institutes and clinics, 3,500 places for inpatient treatment, 13 000 employees of the clinic are 4000 doctors and scientists."
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The Charité Clinic - Germany
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About clinic The Charité Clinic

The Clinic "Charite" is the most famous medical centre in Europe. Founded in 1710 for the treatment of plague, today it is a multifunctional medical complex, which employs more than 13,000 skilled professionals, many of whom are Nobel laureates. All the organization brings together 17 highly specialized centers.

In hospitals Annually Charite treats more than 120,000 patients, and about one million patients served on an outpatient basis. In addition, appreciated in the world to evaluate the research work conducted at the center "charité". His staff conduct preclinical studies and develop new pharmaceuticals.

Along with the traditional and post-operative treatment in the medical institution high attention is paid to issues of palliative medicine. This direction is aimed at improving the lives of people diagnosed with progressive forms of the threat of chronic diseases when possible, specialized treatment have been exhausted. The staff of the clinic "charité" do everything necessary to save their patients from pain and, if possible, to prolong their lives.

Clinic reviews
Heard a lot about the largest linico Germany Charité, since the days of the USSR. Would like to consult on a delicate issue with them, waited 4 weeks. did not wait. Apparently low level of interest in the patients from Russia. and they say crisis. Went into business young clinic - a different story. 
In October 2016 and was treating the child for 5 years. The tumor was in the cerebellum, deeply. First, within 14 days from the date of diagnosis in Moscow tumor we already operated at the charité! Other clinics do not have time. Second, the surgery went brilliantly! Managed to remove the tumor completely! After 5 days the child was running through the 6 days we were discharged. The hospital staff is beyond praise, very grateful to all of them!
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