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Clinic Severance

➤ Clinic Severance ➤ Seoul, South Korea ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The Severance hospital at Yonsei University offers its patients the rehabilitation services and treatment for various medical areas, including Oncology, ophthalmology, Pediatrics, otolaryngology and many others. With high-tech equipment and the professionalism of the doctors patients receive accurate diagnoses and timely treatment on the latest techniques.
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Clinic Severance - South Korea
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Kim Yu Son Kim Yu Son
Head of the department of surgery of peripheral vessels.
Doctor  Kim Sun Il Kim Sun Il
Professor of Transplant Surgery, specializes in transplantation of organs and the peripheral veins.
Doctor  KimMen Su KimMen Su
Professor of Transplant Surgery, specializes in transplantation of organs and consultation on organ transplantation.
Doctor  Kim De Chzhun Kim De Chzhun
it specializes in surgery of the chest oncology, surgery robot Da Vinci and thoracoscopic operations.
Doctor  Ten Gen En Ten Gen En
He specializes in the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumors.
About clinic Clinic Severance

Severance Hospital at Yonsei University was opened in 1885. A leading multidisciplinary hospital of international level, which is the first in Korea received a JCI certificate.

every year, the Severance treatment to inpatient and 660 000 1 600 000 outpatients. On the day the clinic is visited by over 3,000 people. These figures are a record around the world.

Employees of organizacii successfully combine practice with research. To assist patients of Dr. Severance use only the latest equipment to quickly diagnose and treat a variety of diseases — innovative installation of CT, PET, Mr, PET/CT scanners. Operations arming the automated system, the "Da Vinci Robot".

the clinic's wards Severance is fully equipped. At its discretion, patients stay in single and double rooms, rooms of Deluxe and family type.

Clinic reviews
Severance, I had surgery removal of tumors of the spine. When I was choosing where to go for treatment, I was advised this clinic, as it is a leader in the matter of spine surgery, with prices much lower than in the medical centers of Europe. All went well, the tumor was removed, made a prosthesis remote portion, so I definitely recommend to go to the clinic Severance with the same problems as mine. 
Up to 24 years of age I considered myself perfectly healthy, and suddenly I have one after another began to appear strange symptoms. First, some weakness, drowsiness, headache, then the cycle was out of nipple selection began. Handed over a blood on hormones — showed a high level of prolactin and low thyroid. The endocrinologist sent me for a MRI of Turkish saddle and they found a pituitary tumor. I did some research, said that the tumor needed to remove, operation is  difficult, as it requires special access, there is a risk of brain damage. In General, scared to horror. Miraculously found out about the clinic Severance, which makes complex operations under the control of MRI and the use of some special techniques for high precision intervention. There was treated a friend of my friends and recommend it. To agree to examination and treatment happened very quickly, within a week I flew to Seoul. Had surgery is fairly easy (at least thought it would be worse), quickly recovered and now feel healthy again. To Ilya Pekarsky I applied for hernias of intervertebral disks. I've had 2, and they are much ruined my life. Operate on me in other clinics refused, citing the fact that the operation is very complicated. I understand from some of my peculiarities may be due to osteoporosis. Ilya Pekarsky operated, strengthened bones, and I returned to normal life. I have long and unsuccessfully been treated for breast cancer at home. Permanent remission and again the development of the disease, little me dokanali not morally, but not yet physically. Turned to the Fund for oncological patients, where thanks to the wonderful coincidence, I have to pay for treatment at the University clinic of Heidelberg. My doctor Anthony Ho, a very pretty Asian, promised me professional help and I trusted him. Now I'm in remission and I believe that the disease has receded! My daughter in 14 years appeared psoriaznae times. At first I thought that it was just like beriberi, because the problem appeared just in the winter. But the doctor confirmed that we have psoriasis and prescribe treatment. The problem with this disease that, to date, has not yet invented a 100% effective treatment from her. And it's such a trauma for a teenager! After that, we have to carry to the sea once a year, but it did not help. And once waiting for the appointment at the dermatologist, the woman in the queue, she was nice lady told us about wonderful Dr. Radistka from the clinic Thalkirchner Strasse. We for this information is grabbed, as for saving the stick! Now we have completed the 2-month treatment and while a period of remission. The clinic is very good, and the doctors here are very experienced.
To the clinic Severance I went for an examination about gynecology. I was pleasantly surprised that in the day of my arrival, I spent most of the surveys, as well as the environment itself. For example, I have never seen in the medical center arranged art exhibitions.
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