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Bangkok hospital on Phuket

➤ Bangkok hospital on Phuket ➤ Phuket, Thailand ☺ 5 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Modern multi-functional hospital in the South of Thailand.
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Bangkok hospital on Phuket - Thailand
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In childhood unsuccessfully fought and I broke my nose and it fused not good, the result of which was an imbalance. It don't worry me before but as I got older decided to fix this. What was my surprise when at our clinic, I began to refuse, citing the fact that it is necessary to break the skull, which is fraught with bad consequences. Then asked to search the clinic abroad, and as it turned out, to find a doctor in a foreign clinic is no more difficult than finding a good hotel. Appealed to the clinic, Bangkok hospital Phuket, held a consultation, passed a bunch of tests and x-rays, prescribe and had surgery (and all that please note 2-3 days). In the end, I finally have a beautiful and straight nose. Clinic I recommend to all my friends.
Went to the hospital in Phuket for a knee replacement by an orthopedist.As far as I remember before the operation was something extraordinary and very complex process.I'd never talked about it, if it had not been in an accident.I went to the hospital like a sentence, because we have such operations are not able to do and the last hope left on foreign doctors.Now I write this with a smile, because the surgery went very well.These experts can now be relied on.
I was treated at all levels of care after a fracture of the tibia. After that, I have several times broken bones the doctors to align the feet from the apparatus Elizarova in General, I'm tired - why am I had to tighten up those nuts and bolts? In the same hospital a very different attitude, even I paid more - but the clinic was really busy with my rehabilitation and finally I was on my feet.
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