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Bangkok hospital on Pattaya

➤ Bangkok hospital on Pattaya ➤ Pattaya, Thailand ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The best hospital in the Eastern region of Thailand, equipped with the latest equipment.
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Bangkok hospital on  Pattaya - Thailand
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Clinic reviews
When the question arose of where I give childbirth, I decided that just won't do it in Russia, it is safer abroad, and friend advised me to Bangkok hospital, it is located in Pattaya. It was difficult to decide, but I went and as it turned out, for good reason: the hospital staff is very friendly, the doctor is experienced, the conditions are excellent, the delivery was great. When somebody told me about the horrors of Russian hospitals, I always laugh, because I was in Thailand so easy and comfortable.
After an unsuccessful childchildbirth in Russia (the child died during childchildbirth) is categorically not going to give childbirth here. This clinic gave childbirth to a friend, she told me to do. The entire pregnancy was examined in the clinic, went to the hospital closer to the date. Doctors advised to give childbirth in the water (by the way a wonderful feeling). Now, my baby is already 4 years old, I am now on the 5th month, pregnant with twins and will definitely give childbirth at the clinic! :)
My pregnancy was a very welcome and desirable!? The question is where is born our happiness, approached seriously, worried crazy, have traveled more than one clinic in the city .Six years ago at a clinic in Bangkok, my sister gave childbirth to a son, and she recommended the hospital and the doctor. Before you go, phoned the doctor. On arrival settled in the hotel, the clinic was waiting for us. Greeted warmly, everything is clean and tidy, the staff polite and helpful, everything is sterile. The survey took place, passed the tests. Towards the end came a second time, placed with no issues and in excellent conditions. Was born we have a daughter. All went well, the service and attention at the highest level. Our daughter of 1.5 years, and now we waiting little brother. Where to give childbirth, the question is not only in the hospital in Pattaya.
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