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Seniority 38 years , Doctor ☺ 1 review $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Mikhael Sheele

59 years / Seniority 38 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Mikhael Sheele worldwide
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Head of the department of obstetrics and perinatal medicine.

Dr Michael Scheele is an excellent obstetrician. More than 20 years he is engaged in medicine and helps kids to be born healthy. The focus of work - prenatal medicine and obstetrics. In his medical practice there were many cases of obstructed labor, but a wealth of experience and profound knowledge helps doctors save life and health of the mother and the baby.

Today, Dr. Michael Scheele head of the department of obstetrics and prenatal medicine in a clinic Asklepios network. The office different sensitivity and care to patients, but at the same time avoiding unnecessary procedures destination.

The clinic has 5 delivery rooms for natural childbirth. There is also a puerperal bath for patients who prefer unconventional birth. The department has a special equipment to facilitate childbirth: gymnastic balls, maternity mats and stool, relaxing bath.

Dr Michael Scheele was able to organize the work entrusted to him separating so that each patient feel as comfortable as possible. This medical surveillance differs care and sensitivity, but does not prevent young mothers.

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
170$ - 270$
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Price request
80$ - 900$
Spinal Rehabilitation
Price request
from 300$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
from 7500$
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Lung Resection
Price request
from 19500$
A Surgery to Remove Part of the Lung
Price request
from 300$
Skype consultation
Price request
300$ - 5000$
Check-up Diagnostics
Price request
800$ - 3200$
Cervical Biopsy
Price request
5500$ - 14000$
Price request
3700$ - 7300$
Price request
3000$ - 1000$
Childbirth, Cesarean Section
Price request
2950$ - 9800$
Natural Childbirth
Price request
4500$ - 6000$
Price request
Clinic reviews
Addressed to Asklepios hospital with my son after childbirth in Russia could not make a diagnosis. The child is not developed, and any obvious symptoms were not. Friends advised to consult in Germany, as they themselves have been treated before in Asklepios. The survey had identified some rare mitochondrial disease, the prescribed treatment. Well, there is the opportunity to receive quality medical care in a European clinic for a reasonable price. 
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