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Patricia de-Malter

61 years / Seniority 36 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Patricia de-Malter worldwide
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Dr. Patricia de Malter is a A leading specialist in the field of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery

Patricia de Malter chosen rare for women's health specialty - surgery. And in this area fully realize themselves not only as a brilliant surgeon, but also scientific figure. Dr. de Malter has excellent statistics on the transactions, although taken for complex and advanced cases. Dr. speaker at conferences and has published in medical journals

A specialist working in the field of visceral surgery, that is engaged in the surgical treatment of diseases of the abdominal cavity:. Liver, biliary tract, spleen, as well as removal of scar tissue and hernias. Also, Dr. de Malter several years running a general surgeon. Today Patricia de Malter works in the hospital complex Havelhёe. Member of several medical organizations, including the German society of visceral surgery.

Professional activities

it-surgeon in the hospital complex Havelhёe.

Membership Community / Participation activities

  • The German Society of surgery;
  • German Society for visceral surgery;
  • The company Ernst Jager;
  • Berlin surgical Society <. / li>

scientific activities

it has more than 20 publications and scientific reports.

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
170$ - 270$
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Price request
80$ - 900$
Spinal Rehabilitation
Price request
from 300$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
3000$ - 17000$
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Lung Resection
Price request
14000$ - 17000$
A Surgery to Remove Part of the Lung
Price request
Clinic reviews
Perhaps there are more well-known surgeons with a lot of regalia, but I am very glad that my treatment did Patricia de Malter. It's not just a good doctor but a wonderful person who empathizes with every patient. And the impression formed not only me, I talked to other people who have turned to Dr. de Multer, and each of them say only good.
Gregory P.
Addressed to Patricia de Malter in connection with congenital disorders of the intestine, which in Russia, I refused to operate. Able to go abroad for treatment only when he began to earn enough to pay for the treatment. I really liked this doctor and his attitude to work, to patients. I feared that she will refuse to operate on or say that I had waited too long, and the process is irreversible. But everything went well, Dr. de Malter said that kind of surgery she did many times, and I have not the most complicated case. I immediately calmed down and fully trust your health professional. I was lucky to have Patricia de Malter in the operating schedule there was a place, and I didn't have to wait a few more months. Quickly made preoperative examination and after 2 days was hospitalized. After surgery I recovered for about a month. It had to do with open access, since the correction required is quite significant. Discharged me after a week, I then were observed as outpatients and only a month later returned to Russia.
Patricia de Malter I was operated on for stomach ulcers, when I decided to go to Germany for treatment. We can say that it was a Fluke, but after the initial consultation, I decided that I would be observed at this doctor. Since then, I went to Dr. de Malter several times, examined my operated ulcers and other sores.
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