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Clinical complex, Hawelka is one of the best in Germany, pays great attention the psychological support the patient's recovery
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Hospital complex, Havelka - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Fridelmann Shad Fridelmann Shad
Fridelmann Schad specializes in treating cancers of internal organs
Doctor  Christian Grakh Christian Grakh
it, a specialist in the field of oncology and pulmonology
Doctor  Patricia de-Malter Patricia de-Malter
Dr. Patricia de Malter is a A leading specialist in the field of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery
Doctor  Mikhael Shenk Mikhael Shenk
Michael Schenk - a doctor who specializes in surgery and anesthesiology
Doctor  Hans-Peter Lemmens Hans-Peter Lemmens
Dr. Lemmens is a specialist in the areas of General and Visceral Surgery
About clinic Hospital complex, Havelka

Clinical complex "Hawelka" is considered one of the best German medical complexes. Its distinguishing feature is that done by local specialists, diagnostic and therapeutic measures are based on the principles of natural medicine. Here we believe that every patient can expedite their recovery.

The hospital "Hawelka" calculated at 291. Work here are talented cardiologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, surgeons, gynecologists and internists. Well equipped diagnostic Department allow them to detect the disease at early stages and to develop effective treatment regimens for each patient.

As the staff of the hospital complex ", Havelka" adheres to the ideas of free development of personality, along with methods of conventional treatment, there are sessions conversational and creative therapy. With the aim of achieving spiritual balance patients are encouraged to draw, play musical instruments, sculpt.

Standard approach to treatment of diseases has made the clinic", Havelka" demanded by the medical institution. Patients from more than 90 countries, the past here therapy, confirm that not only got rid of the disease, but also found peace, learned to think positively.

Clinic reviews
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. CHRISTIAN GRAH for his extremely attentive attitude towards patients, rare responsiveness, high decency and professionalism. Good luck and health to you, Dr. GRAH!!!
With Michael Shake I have only positive memories, he worked with me when I was treated in Germany after injuries received in a car accident. I had several operations, after which was maintained pain, sometimes quite intense. Seek medical advice Neck I was advised by my attending physician, recommending him as the best doctor in the treatment of pain. Of course I agreed, since was ready to do anything to get rid of pain, and knew that to drink pain pills — wrong. Treatment prescribed Michael Shake, was complete. It included medicines, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy, different methods for managing their feelings. Once again I was convinced that people really are passionate about their work, making it really effective, putting the soul. Even when dealing with Dr. Shake, I felt the pain subside.
I needed surgery on the liver, but it was refused due to bad heart and asthma, fearing to do anesthesia. Recommended to apply to Michael the Cervix, which has extensive experience in anesthesiology, including in complex cases that require individual approach. With his help I had the surgery, I suffered normal.
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