Norbert Pallua Germany
Seniority 31 years , Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Head of Plastic Surgery Clinic ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Norbert Pallua

Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Head of Plastic Surgery Clinic
56 years / Seniority 31 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Norbert Pallua worldwide
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The largest specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Conducted plastic face the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet Sergei Filin after the tragic attack with acid.

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Clinic for plastic surgery, hand surgery and burn surgery in medical center at Aachen University is one of the most famous German clinics and offers a full range of plastic surgery services, ie reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and burn surgery

Spends the entire range of operations from the field of plastic surgery:

  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • plastic surgery of the head area and neck
  • Aesthetic Surgery
  • breast surgery
  • hand surgery
  • burn surgery
  • tissue Engineering

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The main directions of research

  • Develop replacement of skin tissues (tissue Engineering) and other kinds of fabrics
  • Analysis of growth factors in the regeneration process
  • fat cell research

  • Membership in communities and certificates

    • The head of the clinic of plastic, burn and hand surgery
    • The Secretary of the International society of plastic regenerative medicine (ISPRES)
    • An authoritative member of the association of German plastic surgeons (VDPC and VDÄPC)
    • The President of the European plastic Council, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (EBOPRAS )
    • Honorary member of the European Association of plastic surgery (EURAPS)
    • A member of the international Confederation of plastic, reconstruction and aesthetic surgery (IPRAS, IPRAF, ISAPS)
    • Vice-President World Federation of Chinese medicine societies (WFCMS)
    • The lifetime fee-director of plastic surgery at the hospital clinic of traditional Chinese medicine in Yiksinge (China)
    • Resident advisor O'Brien Institute in Melbourne (Australia) < / li>
    • Permanent consultant Hospital First Peoples Shanghai (China)
    • Resident consultant at Harvard University Boston (United States)
    • Commander of the Republic of italy
    • 2005 - recognized Europe's A leading specialist in the field of plastic surgery

    a special recognition to achievements Professor of tissue Engineering (tissue engineering), especially as applied to adipose tissue

    methods of it, along with the traditional techniques of plastic surgery include many original, developed by professor of operations. These unique methods can achieve not only higher direct results of operations, but also to maintain their effect over a much longer time compared to the standard.

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