Arthrosis treatment in Greece
37 patients are sent for treatment

Arthrosis treatment in Greece

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According to the authoritative statistical research of various organizations, arthrosis is the most common joint disease worldwide. It is terrible to imagine: it suffers from more than 80% of the people of the Earth! The defeat of this disease are on the "honorable horrible" 3rd place. And that's after cancer and cardiovascular problems.

And the risk of development or appearance of osteoarthritis with each year of life increases exponentially. And this serious disease does not choose a man or a woman, it is cunning, ruthless, and its prevention should concern not only of doctors, but first and foremost you.

Healing from osteoarthritis is primarily a deliverance from the problems of a degenerative nature. Treatment consists of analgesics, anti-inflammatory and chondro. Go well well as physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

We found 1 clinic specialized in arthrosis with cumulative rating
We received the medical intervention by Prof Carsten Perka and Michael Dahne in Charite, Berlin one year ago. They are the best in the world for me and our family. Thank you from my heart! Good bless you.
Very good clinic! Very good people! It si not a pumping money! And the prices are not sky-high.I advise everyone to the clinic. Dr. Pekarsky is a God
When I had my re-fractured arm in the same place, dad immediately contacted the service Docklands. We had planned to go to Germany, where the strongest podiatrists, but the road from Vladivostok to me would be to move difficult. We stopped at the clinic of Chung-Ang and was very pleased. All done quickly, nebolno. Dad's days were next to me, in the house, not allowed to be depressed. And the doctor got merry. Professor, and such a simple uncle, cool. Yes, most importantly – solid in Seoul Wi-Fi!!!! ))))) On the streets, everywhere)))) Children tell at home, nobody believes me!
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