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Yatin Mekhta

70 years / Seniority 44 years
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A specialist in the field of emergency and cardiac anesthesia.

Treat diseases

it Yatin Mekhta - an anesthesiologist, a A leading specialist in the department of traumatology and emergency Medanta The medicity. Provides medical procedures to eliminate the pain.

Achievements and Career

He has held directorships at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and the Department of Anesthesiology. Three years trained at the University Hospital of Odense (Denmark). He holds a PhD, which was acquired in the "All India University of Medical Sciences and Research Center", as well as FRCA in London «Queen's Hospital». »

Was the position of Vice President ISCCM, two terms served on the executive committee of the Indian Delhi city. In 2004-2005 he served as President IACTA.

In the clinic «Upsala Cardiothoracic» Doctor performs regularly as a visiting consultant.

doctor's work was appreciated in the country, he received numerous awards. In 2009, -. FICCM from the Indian Medical College of Emergency Conditions

Scientific and academic work

it has about two hundred scientific papers and 250 papers, with whom he performed at various seminars and conferences. He is the editor of medical periodicals.

Yatin Mehta participates in the National Council for examination and IACTA ISCCM. it performs the functions of the national coordinator INICC. A large number of his publications devoted to nosocomial infections, which occurred due to infection in intensive care units

In addition to the professional work of it conducts educational activities, teaching courses on cardiac anesthesiology and emergency care. Also among its of merit may be noted FAMS award from the "Academy of Medical Sciences»

Medical qualification:.

  • AIIMS < / span> - 1980;
  • MBBS: College of the University of medical Sciences - 1976 (India);
  • Honorary member iacta - 2009;
  • TEEIACTA: 2011;
  • The Academy of medical Sciences - 1982;
  • FICCM «Critical Care Medicine» - 2012 year
  • King's College London - 1984 (anesthetist);
  • FIACTA, honorary Association thoracic anesthesiologists specialist - 2002 (India);


  • emergency aid,
  • reanimation,
  • anesthesia.
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