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Seniority 36 years , Professor ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Iosef Shemesh

65 years / Seniority 36 years
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One of the Directors of the Center of Cardiology Hospital. Chaim Sheba. He specializes in coronary insufficiency. He maintains an active research work in this industry has taught at the University, is the author of scientific articles.

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Iosef Shemesh - a highly experienced doctor kardilog who today occupies an honorable position of leadership in one of Israel's A leading medical facilities. Along with the practical activity of the active, the professor has been teaching at Moscow University.

During his tenure, the expert was able to write and publish about 60 serious scientific works on the theme of Cardiology. Furthermore, Iosef Shemesh - winner of the honorary prize Meltzer, he was awarded thanks to his unique design and author's methods in the diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

Currently, the professor has served as Director of Cardiac Branch, as well as continuing to conduct active research and teaching activities.

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