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Hospital Chaim Sheba is the leading state hospital in Israel. Has three independent branches: the Safra children's hospital, General hospital and multipurpose centre for rehabilitation.
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Sheba Medical Center - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Iosef Shemesh Iosef Shemesh
One of the Directors of the Center of Cardiology Hospital. Chaim Sheba. He specializes in coronary insufficiency. He maintains an active research work in this industry has taught at the University, is the author of scientific articles.
Doctor  Rafael Katan Rafael Katan
President of the Oncology Service Shiba Hospital. Professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Tel Aviv University. A leading specialist in oncology gastroenterology .
Doctor  Bella Kaufman Bella Kaufman
One of the A leading Israeli experts in the field of breast cancer treatment, specialized in the treatment of breast cancer, clinical radiotherapy.
Doctor  Boynover Yoram Boynover Yoram
Pediatric gastroenterology
Doctor  Zoar Dotan Zoar Dotan
Conducts active scientific activities in minimally invasive techniques for cancer treatment using magnetic resonance therapy. He specializes in bladder cancer and kidney using molecular techniques
About clinic Sheba Medical Center

The Hospital Chaim Sheba was established in 1948 in Tel Aviv. Today it is the largest medical center in Israel: there are about 25% of clinical research in Israel is conducted at Sheba. In addition, it is the country's only clinic, which was selected to conduct Federal studies of America Association FWA (USA). Every year there is over 2 million honey inspections and laboratory analyses, which allocated more than $ 320 million.

More than a thousand experienced and highly qualified doctors who are taking every year more than one million patients, are treated and prevented in the hospital Chaim Sheba. The hospital has 150 departments and a 1990 berths.

The Hospital Chaim Sheba offers modern diagnostic equipment. To detect cancer oncologists from Israel using machines positron emission tomography , computed tomography, CT, magnetic resonance imaging MRI etc. In addition to the treatment of cancer, neurological, immunological and genetic diseases, injuries, in the Sheba center conduct scientific research wich includes a study research in the field of regenerative medicine, with using stem cells.

Thanks to the latest medical equipment of the Chaim Sheba hospital and qualified staff, lots of patients from over 90 foreign countries come here to get a quality care.

Clinic reviews
Typing this review, I'm having contoversial feelings with Sheba. The doctors were brilliant and really helped me with treatment. We've arrvived to Tel-Aviv together with my wife tryaing to fix bronchical asthma.But the service... Actually it can't be even called service, it's an attitude. We've successfully completed two phases of treatment and agreed that they will send us the medicine to Ukraine.About two weeks ago we've contacted the consultant and asked to send us the medicine. After one week of waiting (!) they sent us the response, that we have to provide all information about our credit card, including CVV to do that and there is no any way to pay for medicine. Even when we said that such operation contradicts all possible financial secure operational standarts, they said that send us or come to Israel for it.We dicided to contact the international consultant, that organized our visit to Sheba, his name is Feliks Goldbert. We started discussion trying to find solution, but Feliks replied pay or shut up. Then we've said that it's not the correct approach, that we're the clients, why are you talking with us in such a way. CVV is a secret information and I can't give this info to third parties. I started talking about service , then, in a few words, Feliks said that he would never deal with my country and its service, Ukraine and then droped the call.I was really suprised by his reaction. I've typed him that i do not undestand why he mentioned the Ukraine trying to find logical explanation. Then he said that as I'm from Ukraine, you shouldn't even talk about service, even if you pay. So, he treated us a thirs sort persons and third sort country. It was realy awfull, the most neutral word I can name it is NONPROFESSIONALISM.
I was treated in the urology Department of the hospital Chaim Sheba about BPH. The symptoms were pretty nasty, I was afraid that in Russia the doctors do not telling me something or do not notice, so I went to Israel. After a full observing I calmed down, really, except the adenoma nothing was founded and the doctors clinic Chaim Sheba treated adenoma very successfully.
Among my friends I'm not the first who sought treatment in the hospital. Chaim Sheba, and I think not the last. Everyone from the clinic was left only the best impressions, so we actively advise friends to go there with any problem, and I decided to write this review. When I was diagnosed with “breast cancer”, I began to consult with different doctors, with friends – where better to be treated? It turned out that in a circle of friends there are women who were treated in Russia and those abroad. I understand that the cases are different, but to me the more important emotional side of treatment, so the choice was obvious. The doctors also spoke openly: it is possible – go to Israel. The opportunity, fortunately, was, therefore, talking with different people, I chose the clinic Chaim Sheba.
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