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Seniority 24 years , The Director of Spinal Surgery ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Nakhshon Knoller

The Director of Spinal Surgery
53 years / Seniority 24 years
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Conducts operations in the case of heavy pathologies caused by degenerative diseases, injuries (fractures), different types of tumors in the spinal cord birth defects.

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Nakhshon Knoller - a highly qualified doctor and an experienced neurosurgeon. Particular attention in the medical practice doctor pays fractures and trauma treatment. Nachshon Knoller is a founding member of the department of general traumatology clinic Sheba.

World fame, prestige and recognition of it due to his many years of unique experience and deep knowledge of their specificity. Thus, it is a renowned expert in the removal of spinal tumors.

Today, the world-famous neurosurgeon is the head of the Department of Spinal Surgery, continues to receive patients, and all that successfully combines with research and teaching activities.

research Issues

Is engaged in research on the development of new methods of medical treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries using stem cells.

Professional activities

  • Medical Hebrew University Faculty of Jerusalem;
  • Trained at the Hospital Sheba (Tel Hashomer, Israel);
  • Trained in the treatment of injuries to the head and spine in the Shock-trauma Senter Baltimore (Maryland, USA);
  • A senior doctor at the department of neurosurgery (1992-1994), University of Maryland (USA)

Exams / Accreditations

  • Training in the field of neurosurgery "Clinic Sheba in Israel" on the basis of Sheba
  • Internship in the surgical treatment of traumatic brain injury and the effects of the spinal column and spinal cord injuries in the Shock-trauma Senter, Baltimore (Maryland, United States).

Scientific activities

  • The author of a number of clinical and medical research in the treatment of spinal injuries, particularly in the world's first tested the cell therapy (cell therapy) for the treatment of spinal cord injuries;
  • The author of numerous articles and scientific publications ;
  • Member of international and Israeli conferences
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