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Ron Arbel

63 years / Seniority 36 years
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First-class expert in the field of sports medicine

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Ron Arbel - a practicing orthopedic surgeon and a brilliant doctor of the highest degree of skill. Currently he specializes in sports surgery at one of the famous Israeli hospitals. Today Ron Arbel - a chief doctor of the Israeli national team in volleyball.

His practice and research activities of Dr. concentrated on the areas of medicine, like orthopedic surgery and in the treatment of injuries in sports.

After finishing studies at a local university in Tel Aviv, as well as a profile faculty of the University of Florence, Ron Arbel entered the residency, where he began an in-depth study of orthopedic surgery.

In order to improve their skills and develop professionally doctor was trained at A leading medical centers of the USA, Austria and Belgium.

Professional activities

  • The head of the sports division of surgery at the orthopedics department of MC Ichilov (Sourasky )
  • The head of the center for sports medicine and arthroscopy center of Israel

Exams / Accreditations

  • Medical center of Tennessee (USA) - Training in the field of arthroscopic hip surgery;
  • Medical center in Salt Lake City (USA) - Training in the field of arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder joints

Membership community / Participation in events <. /h2>
  • The North American Association for arthroscopic surgery (AAN)
  • European Association of sports Traumatology (EFSMA)
  • The American Academy of Orthopaedic (AAOS);..
  • The Israeli Association of orthopedists.

scientific activities

The author 37 scientific works, which presented a new view of the many problems of orthopedics. Permanent lecturer at many international medical conferences and forums.

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