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Moshe Shnir

66 years / Seniority 45 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Moshe Shnir worldwide
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A highly qualified children ophthalmologist, specializes in the treatment of strabismus and various other eye diseases in children.

Treat diseases

Professor Moshe Shnir - is a high quality doctor who specializes in the treatment of ocular disease and strabismus

Education and Career

Dr Shnir received professional education at Tel Aviv University. He passed residency in a clinic Beylison. To raise the level in the United States, health centers Baltimore and Indianapolis in the direction of the treatment of ophthalmic problems. Professor Shnir specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of mild visual function in New York clinics. In downtown Los Angeles probation for visualization of ocular muscles, and institutions in Alicante in Spain studied the method of bonding eye muscles. Today, it in charge of the department of strabismus in the Schneider Medical Center.

Academic and research activities

Professor Moshe Shnir teaches at Tel Aviv University. . At it's account of numerous publications in international journals on the subject of the latest methods of treatment of eye diseases

Participation in Associations

Dr Shnir consists in a variety of professional societies:

  • Eye Israeli Association;
  • The Israeli Association of doctors;
  • The international community strabismus;
  • The American Association on problems of strabismus and ophthalmological diseases in children
  • .
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