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Leading clinics in Otwock
The European health centre Otwock
European medical center is a unique clinic specializing in Oncology, urology and cardiology. The clinic provides high-precision operation using a surgical manipulator Kymerax. The centre is equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The best doctors of Otwock
Doctor  Tadeush Bokva Tadeush Bokva

A A leading specialist in the field of pediatric surgery.

Doctor  Boruvka Andzhey Boruvka Andzhey

MD, specializes in the treatment of diseases uroonkologicheskih.

Doctor  Zombek Miroslav Zombek Miroslav

A prominent neurosurgeon who developed a new technique for the treatment of Parkinson's disease using transplants of brain tissue.

Doctor  Penkovski Tadeush Penkovski Tadeush

One of the best cancer surgery in Poland, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Doctor  Tederko Petr Tederko Petr

A medical Rehabilitologist, specializes in comprehensive recovery from severe injuries, operations, accidents and other states.

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