Toshakova Elena Petrovna Russia
Seniority 38 years , Doctor ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Toshakova Elena Petrovna

58 years / Seniority 38 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Toshakova Elena Petrovna worldwide
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The family doctor, specializes in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.

Treat diseases

Toshyakova Elena Petrovna - otolaryngologist, a physician of the highest category, is outpatient reception of patients in American Medical Center "Intermedcenter»

Research Issues

Held bronchoscopy, oesophagoscopy, rhino-. , dis- and laryngoscopy, audiometry, impedance, tympanometry, X-ray and video-endoscopy of ear, nose and throat. Take swabs and scrapings of mucous.

Professional activities

fasting Helena Petrovna engaged in conservative and surgical treatment of ENT diseases. Performs tonsillectomy, adenotomy removes abscesses and neoplasms benign etiology in the nasopharynx. Removes foreign bodies from the upper respiratory tract and ear. Rehabilitate patients after a nose injury and head burns mucous.


In 1986, she graduated from the 2 MOLGMI named after N.I. Pirogov, held an internship and residency on specialty "ENT". A few years honed in the US knowledge and skills, improve their qualification in the Netherlands.

Participation in events

Regularly participates in international scientific conferences on issues of modern otolaryngology.

scientific activities

The author of several scientific publications and printed publications.

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
95$ - 390$
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from 300$
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50$ - 550$
ENT Diagnostics
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