Hypothyroidism treatment in Bulgaria
431 patients are sent for treatment

Hypothyroidism treatment in Bulgaria

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the Statistics of such diseases as hypothyroidism is very inaccurate and varies: 2, 6 – 20, 8%. 10 times the difference! Why? And all because to accurately diagnose this disease today, perhaps only 20 – 25 cases out of 100.

Fatigue, depression, weight grows, what could it be? We often give an answer like "deficiency" or "move a little" and curse ourselves. But, perhaps, it isn't just the thyroid refuses to function correctly. Produces enough hormones, and it affects the whole body. In such cases it is urgent to pay a visit to the endocrinologist, he will come back to normal!

Hypothyroidism is a disease of the thyroid gland, which produces too little of its hormones. As a result - obesity, lethargy, lability of the psyche, myxedema. The latter appears as a swelling of the skin due to lack of thyroid hormones. Treatment - hormone replacement therapy.

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