Obesity treatment in Bulgaria
425 patients are sent for treatment

Obesity treatment in Bulgaria

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the Overweight people in developed countries and regions is a cause of increasing concern. So, in the United States, their number reached 87 674 835. In Canada, this disease affected 22.7 percent of the population. In our country such patients much less (about 9 million).

Not so long ago, fat people were treated as lazy, not care, not having the willpower. Today this state is already to diseases. Most often we are dealing with a food addiction, when a person and would like not to eat bread at night, and can't. However, there are instances when excess fat accumulates due to disease of the brain or endocrine diseases.

Obesity is an excess of subcutaneous fat caused by overeating or metabolic disorders. When the calorie intake per day measured in calories exceeds its consumption, gradually gaining extra weight. This alimentary obesity. Also found the obesity of endocrine or secondary (caused by another disease).

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