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House noticed on the left chest mesh of blood vessels around the nipples, also there are spots a large form, and on the side I found a small ball. This I did not particularly bothered, as about the symptoms of breast cancer I have never heard of! A...
Christina, 34 years
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Fortis Malar
One of the best multidisciplinary agencies in Chennai main specialization — Oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and gastroenterology.
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Doctor  K.R. Balakrishnan K.R. Balakrishnan

He spends most complex heart surgery, a world-renowned heart surgeon and transplant.

Doctor  Dinesh Nayak Dinesh Nayak

Conducts treatment of acquired and congenital neurological pathologies.

Doctor  R.V. Tenmozhi R.V. Tenmozhi

He is engaged in the treatment of women's diseases, as well as the diagnosis of cancer.

Doctor  Sentil Kumar Sentil Kumar

Podiatrist with great practical experience, providing all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the UDF.

Doctor  Doctor Ganesh Doctor Ganesh

He treats almost all diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

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