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One of the best multidisciplinary agencies in Chennai main specialization — Oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and gastroenterology.
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Fortis Malar - India
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  K.R. Balakrishnan K.R. Balakrishnan
He spends most complex heart surgery, a world-renowned heart surgeon and transplant.
Doctor  Dinesh Nayak Dinesh Nayak
Conducts treatment of acquired and congenital neurological pathologies.
Doctor  R.V. Tenmozhi R.V. Tenmozhi
He is engaged in the treatment of women's diseases, as well as the diagnosis of cancer.
Doctor  Sentil Kumar Sentil Kumar
Podiatrist with great practical experience, providing all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the UDF.
Doctor  Doctor Ganesh Doctor Ganesh
He treats almost all diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
About clinic Fortis Malar

Hospital Fortis Malar in Chennai – multidisciplinary clinic, established in 1992 and has already become a household name in the list of best hospitals in India. The concept of the hospital – the use of advanced medical technologies to provide quality tertiary care to every patient. The hospital has 160 beds and annually accepts more than 11,000 patients.

В госпитале Фортис Малар в Ченнае трудятся опытные талантливые врачи, а их практика поддерживается работой квалифицированного, преданного своему делу среднего и младшего персонала. Штат состоит из 650 специалистов, которые готовы слаженно и плодотворно лечить больных со всех точек Земного Шара.
Госпиталь Фортис Малар в Ченнае оснащен модернизированным оборудованием. В нем располагается инновационная цифровая лаборатория, предназначенная для точной ранней диагностики различных патологий. В клинике имеется собственный диализный центр, обеспечивающий помощь пациентам с острой и хронической почечной недостаточностью.

Treatment in hospital Fortis Malar in Chennai will give you global support in the fight against your disease, supported by valuable skills of local doctors.

Clinic reviews
Infertility is a terrible disease of our century. Now how many couples can not conceive a long awaited baby, even hard to imagine. So my husband joined that awful statistic. 8 years of fruitless treatment and the constant quarrels with her husband because of this. Already on the verge of read information about good gynecologist - R. V. Thenmozhi from Fortis Malar (India). We she and her husband just half a year themselves became pregnant! It was a miracle! We will deliver also this doctor.
House noticed on the left chest mesh of blood vessels around the nipples, also there are spots a large form, and on the side I found a small ball. This I did not particularly bothered, as about the symptoms of breast cancer I have never heard of! A month after that we had a medical examination and breast physician told me to take the tests, because presumably I had a lump in my breast! It is then confirmed. To treat this terrible disease, I wanted only with a guarantee of cure. On the Internet I found a site in the Docklands, where I had to be treated by R. V. Thenmozhi from the hospital to the Fortis Malar in India. This hospital is actively used by Cyber knife and DaVinci robot for the treatment of breast cancer, so I decided to have surgery here. Now I'm in remission.
After my back problems, I was assigned to discectomy with functional stabilization of an artificial intervertebral disc, that is, in other words - I needed adoptes intervertebral disc M6. This operation is costly and very difficult, where we need not only an experienced doctor, but also the most modern equipment! We have such an operation and not all clinics do things and if you do, then wait in a queue. In General, after such a sad picture, I began to look for specialized clinic with good surgeons. Caught my eye - Fortis Malar in India. There was a great practicing podiatrist - Sentil Kumar. I contacted him and through an interpreter explained all the details of the operation. Came back after 3 weeks, while they execute all documents and collected the remaining amount for the surgery. Then another 3 months spent in the clinic for rehabilitation. In the end, adoptez stuck and I have slowly began to walk by himself without crutches. I am very happy!
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