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Seniority 50 years , Doctor ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Aleks Saymon

70 years / Seniority 50 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Aleks Saymon worldwide
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Alex Simon treats all kinds of infertility. it performs a variety of micromanipulation with spermatozoa and ova, preparation for IVF and embryo implantation.

Treat diseases

Prof. Alex Simon specializes in the provision of health services of the gynecological sphere.

Education and Career

Prof. Alex Simon graduated from the Hebrew University. Passed residency in gynecology in Clinical Center of the Hadassah Ein-Kerem, where today it in charge of the department of fertilization. . Raise their qualification level of the United States institutions and Europe

Fields of professional interests

Prof. Alex Simon practices in the areas of:

  • ECO;
  • reproductive technologies;
  • infertility treatment using laser techniques;
  • pelvic surgery;
  • laparoscopic surgery;
  • uterus preparation IVF;
  • micromanipulation, embryo, sperm, ova;
  • setting genetic diagnosis
Price for diagnostic and manipulations
170$ - 270$
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Price request
80$ - 900$
Spinal Rehabilitation
Price request
from 450$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
3000$ - 17000$
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Lung Resection
Price request
18000$ - 27000$
A Surgery to Remove Part of the Lung
Price request
1100$ - 3000$
Cervical Biopsy
Price request
7000$ - 14000$
Price request
2328$ - 6457$
Price request
from 200$
Skype consultation
Price request
1300$ - 6200$
Childbirth, Cesarean Section
Price request
10000$ - 151000$
Natural Childbirth
Price request
5780$ - 10000$
Price request
from 1200$
Check-up Diagnostics
Price request
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