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Hadassah medical center – honorary member of the American Hospital Association, was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The center is known worldwide due to the large number of current medical studies and unique discoveries, is one of the most respected medical experts. Hadassah medical center – honorary member of the American Hospital Association, was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The center is known worldwide due to the large number of current medical studies and unique discoveries, is one of the most respected medical experts.
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Hadassah Medical Center - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Andre Keren Andre Keren
Engaged in research and successful treatment of ischemic heart disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure.
Doctor  Reuven Orn Reuven Orn
Co-founder of bone marrow transplantation department at the hospital, "Hadassah" and collaborator of infrastructure to perform bone marrow transplantation for various diseases
Doctor  Tamar Yablonski-Perets Tamar Yablonski-Perets
He is the director of Oncology Institute. Charette at Haddassa Ein hospital Kerem.Provodit active research in the field of oncology, is developing experimental drugs, including those intended for ustrareniya adverse effects arising from the application of chemotherapy
Doctor  Tamir Ben-Khur Tamir Ben-Khur
Specializes in the research of immunology, stem cell biology of the nervous system, stem cell transplantation for diseases of the nervous system
Doctor  Luna Kaduri Luna Kaduri
Moon Kaduri among the best specialists-clinic mammologists.
About clinic Hadassah Medical Center

Hadassah Medical Center is a medical organization established in 1934 that operates two university hospitals: general profile "Hadassah har-ha-Tsofim" and "Hadassah Ein Kerem". It is in the center Haddasa was done first in Israel of coronary double-bypass surgery and transplantation, cardio-pulmonary complex.

Also here was born the nation's first child conceived through IVF. As for the world championship, were held at the clinic the world's first hip replacement.

Today Haddasa center doctors provide surgical and medical care of the highest level, and conduct interdisciplinary research of global significance. The hospital employs 5,000 highly qualified employees, operates 70 specialized branches, more than 1,100 beds, 31 postoperative ward.

The Presence of modern equipment allows the clinic staff Haddasa to work successfully in areas such as Oncology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, preparation for motherhood, ENT, endocrinology, etc. the Staff speaks several languages.

Clinic reviews
The diagnosis of epilepsy, was put to me half a year ago. It all started with the fact that I have often twitch the eyelids and dizzy. But I chalked it up to chronic fatigue from a stressful job. But I continued working because I wanted to finalize before retirement. But the frequent failures in some strange state, almost brought up the fact that in our factory, I almost ruined expensive equipment. I had good insurance from our company (in connection with the work on the most dangerous trade) and I decided to consult a neurologist. The neurologist did not really say, prescribed a sedative and sent home. After a couple of months I started having these seizures. My job was dangerous! And my Director with whom I had a good relationship, literally forced me to apply to the Hadassah Medical center. He was treated there once. Insurance would almost cover the treatment. Now I am receiving treatment from Dr. Reches. The seizures became less, dizziness is not so often I have come, and in general, began to feel better. And in general, having been here a few months, I have seen so successfully treated people who came here without any hope. But here they were able to help me, what was very refreshing!
For many years I was bothered by a phobia, afraid to go outside, plus convulsions with twitching of the limbs, if became nervous...and many things else what were ashamed to tell even to the doctor, especially to write here.Have underwent treatment in the center of Hadassah, became more communicative, and sociable, found a new job. You could say I gave a second life!Thank you so much!
With serious illness are faced for the first time when my grandmother needed a heart transplant, and acquaintances living in Israel, recommended the Hadassah hospital, then everything went perfectly and thank God, all remained in the past. Even could not imagine that will have to apply again, but when my nephew was vaccinated in three years and he started having seizures, it was decided, after unsuccessful attempts to remove attacks in the Homeland to go to Israel. Went, as to an old acquaintance: first, there are Russian-speaking curator who at any time of the day to answer and help, the problems with language was not and didn't even notice that the country is different. Second, the service is very friendly and relaxing. Adequate treatment helped immediately to relieve the seizures, the child's full brain examination on the newest equipment and professionalism of doctors doing their thing. Thanks, you have helped our family!
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