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Came to the Holy land with great hope for the salvation of the son. University Hadassah medical diagnosis is done quickly and professionally, the child is not even scared. Moreover, the testing cost us cheaper than expected, one procedure was not...
Irina, 40 years
Leading clinics in Jerusalem
Hadassah Medical Center
Hadassah medical center – honorary member of the American Hospital Association, was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The center is known worldwide due to the large number of current medical studies and unique discoveries, is one of the most ...
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Medical center Shaare Zedek
Medical center Shaare Zedek - ten-med. the complex is proud of its medical capabilities: imaging, scanning a beating heart in HD resolution, allowing doctors to detect heart defects at the initial stage of their development, implantation of the ...
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The best doctors of Jerusalem
Doctor  Andre Keren Andre Keren
Engaged in research and successful treatment of ischemic heart disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure.
Doctor  Itskhak Khemo Itskhak Khemo
An outstanding specialist in the field of eye surgery.
Doctor  Avraam Zlotogorskiy Avraam Zlotogorskiy
Professor Zlotogorskiy is one of the A leading trichologists international level.
Doctor  David Amir David Amir
A specialist to conduct surgical operations in the field of orthopedics.
Doctor  David Varon David Varon
Head of the Department of Hematology, specializes in the treatment of non-cancer blood diseases and hematology.

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