Tamar Yablonski-Perets Israel
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Tamar Yablonski-Perets

61 years / Seniority 39 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Tamar Yablonski-Perets worldwide
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He is the director of Oncology Institute. Charette at Haddassa Ein hospital Kerem.Provodit active research in the field of oncology, is developing experimental drugs, including those intended for ustrareniya adverse effects arising from the application of chemotherapy

Treat diseases

Jablonski Tamar Peretz - Professor, Doctor of Medicine and head of Sharett Institute of Oncology at Hadassah medical center. Active medical practitioners successfully combines with research activities in the framework of which the professor is engaged in in-depth study of oncology, the search formula to create an experimental drug that, according to experts, should exclude the possibility of side effects of chemotherapy. On this topic Dr. Jablonski Tamar Peretz wrote and published more than a hundred papers in reputable journals Israel and other countries.

Professor enters into a variety of specialized communities and associations that raise questions and problems related to cancer treatment.

Research Issues

Conducts research to find innovative methods . treatment of cancer, the development of experimental drugs and eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy

Professional activities

  • 1986 - 1994. - A staff physician, Department of Oncology, University Hospital Hadassah
  • February 1990 - July 1991. - Head of the outpatient oncology clinic, Hadassah University Hospital
  • July 1993 - October 1994 - Acting head of the Institute of Oncology Charette;
  • November 1994 -nast. time - the head of the Oncology Institute of Charette, University Hospital Hadassah, Jerusalem;

Membership Community / Participation in events

  • The Israeli Medical Association;
  • The Israeli cancer society;
  • The Israeli society of medicine and Law;
  • The Israeli society of surgical Oncology;
  • The Israeli menopause society research;
  • Israel company combating breast disease;
  • The Israeli Society of doctors women;
  • The American Society of radiation Oncology;
  • cancer Society in the Middle east;
  • < li> The American Association for cancer research;
  • The European society mastologii;
  • The European society for medical Oncology;
  • European society of Senology;
  • The European society cancer research;
  • The American society of clinical Oncology;
  • American society for the fight against breast disease;
  • The Academy of Sciences of New York;
  • The American Association for the advancement of science;
  • The Board Alumni New York hospital-Medical center Cornell;
  • The Company Alumni Memorial hospital

Scientific activities

He is the author of over 90 publications in prestigious medical journals in Europe and Israel.

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
1100$ - 3000$
Cervical Biopsy
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1300$ - 3200$
Lymph Node Biopsy
Price request
from 690$
Cancer Care Remote Consultation
Price request
from 450$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
from 200$
Skype consultation
Price request
800$ - 3200$
Testicular Biopsy
Price request
6800$ - 24000$
Radiation Therapy
Price request
500$ - 1300$
Price request
5000$ - 6000$
Price request
15000$ - 15000$
Cyber ​​Knife (CyberKnife)
Price request
250$ - 2500$
Gastroscopy + biopsy
Price request
1300$ - 3000$
Prostate biopsy
Price request
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