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Moshe Inbar

91 years / Seniority 69 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Moshe Inbar worldwide
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Head of Oncology Department, a world-class specialist in the treatment of liver cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, breast cancer for many years trained at US hospitals.

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Moshe Inbar - a known Israeli professor, a highly qualified specialist in the treatment of the cancer. The medical professional interest is focused on the treatment of breast cancer by using various techniques from the field of clinical oncology.He uses extensive radiotherapy in his practice.

Moshe Inbar is the author of an effective method of treatment involving the use of the latest diagnostic techniques and new drugs, selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of a patient, as well as the form and severity of the illness. The specialist has a lot of positive results of the treatment of various types of cancer.

Moshe Inbar is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University. The oncologist was an intern in the best medical institutions in France, the UK and the US. Currently he is revered in Israel, a specialist in the treatment of cancer

Professional activities

During the First Medical Center in Tel Aviv held the following positions:.

  • specialist;
  • The medical director;
  • Deputy head of the department of Oncology;
  • Senior Deputy head of the department of Oncology;
  • The head of department of Chemotherapy ;
  • The Head of Oncology Department

Exams / Accreditations

refresher courses:

  • The Institute of immune genetics, hospital Paul Briusse (France),
  • Anderson Medical center in Houston (USA),
  • Memorial Cancer Centre, Sloan-Ketteringa in New York (USA).
  • Residency in radiation therapy in the hospital «Royal Marsden».

Membership Community / Participation in events

  • The Israel Breast Cancer Research Society;
  • The Israeli Association of Oncology and radiotherapy (until recently - the president of association);
  • The American scientific Association of oncologists;
  • The Association of mammologists in Europe;
  • The Association of oncologists and radiotherapists in Europe

Scientific activities

He developed a unique method of complex treatment of breast cancer. He is the author of 249 scientific publications.

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
1100$ - 3000$
Cervical Biopsy
Price request
1300$ - 3200$
Lymph Node Biopsy
Price request
from 1500$
Cancer Care Remote Consultation
Price request
from 450$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
from 690$
Skype consultation
Price request
800$ - 3200$
Testicular Biopsy
Price request
6800$ - 24000$
Radiation Therapy
Price request
500$ - 1300$
Price request
5000$ - 6000$
Price request
15000$ - 15000$
Cyber ​​Knife (CyberKnife)
Price request
250$ - 2500$
Gastroscopy + biopsy
Price request
1300$ - 3000$
Prostate biopsy
Price request
Clinic reviews
When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the first reaction was of course panic, and then I Packed up and started to look for information on the Internet and on the forums. I'm still grateful to all those people who write reviews about their appeal to different professionals – I this information helped to survive. That is why I write about how I got to Israel, and how I was able to overcome the disease.The purpose of my search information on the Internet to understand where and how to treat ovarian cancer, what are my prospects in General? The important thing is that I knew we must act quickly. Of course, I wanted to go to a top specialist because of the ability to experiment just wasn't there.I immediately realized that I wanted to be treated in Israel, as there is a percentage of cure from cancer is very high, including ovarian cancer. This treatment is cheaper than, say, the USA or Germany, for me it was also an important argument. I only had to choose the doctor. About Professor Moshe Inbar had a lot of positive reviews so I decided to go for a consultation to him. I read that it shone Oncology, one of the best specialists in the country, with many titles and awards. In General, riding to the reception with understandable excitement. But it turned out that it is also a surprisingly charming person very easy to communicate with. Maybe for someone it is not important, but I think in Oncology in the possibility of simple human contact with the doctor, not the fear and dread of him and his credibility is very important.Professor appointed me to the examination (ultrasound, PET CT), which was assigned to phase 2A. The doctor explained to me that the only treatment option is removal of the uterus with appendages, but still extended operation is not required, as in the neighbouring organs cancer was not detected. Perhaps if I arrived earlier, it would be possible to limit removal of the ovary, and have lasted much longer – it would take the radiation and chemo. So I think that in some sense I was lucky, the treatment was limited to surgery, which was done quickly and very neatly. Now, when this story is over, and I can safely say that survived and beat cancer, I want to advise all women facing a similar diagnosis, don't wait and immediately contact professionals that you trust. I chose Moshe Inbar and I have not regretted.
When I was diagnosed with "cervical cancer" I was in a complete panic. Decided that the treatment will be abroad and chose Israel, Dr. Moshe Inbar. I want to say that it is not only the best specialist in Oncology, but also a very sympathetic person. All the survey I did quickly operated. It's only been 3 years, and I have become a mother to a healthy baby.
I was treated at the clinic Ichilov 2 years ago about pulmonary fibrosis and developed on the background of respiratory failure. Still don't know what disease it is, and where she took me. I only know that in Russia the treatment did not help, and in the medical center Ichilov – helped.
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