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Eli Tsukerman

72 years / Seniority 41 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Eli Tsukerman worldwide
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Eli Zuckerman - a prominent Israeli hepatology, has received world fame thanks to a great contribution to the development of new accurate diagnosis and treatment methods of hepatitis B and C.

Treat diseases

Prof. Eli Zuckerman - is a professional expert in the treatment of Hepatitis diseases

Education and Career

Dr Zuckerman specialized in the treatment of Hepatitis bolez the institute treatment of liver diseases at University of Southern California. He studied liver transplantation on the basis of the University of California. Today, it directs the Hepatology department at the hospital Bnei Zion and the department for liver disease in a clinical institution Carmel.

Academic activities

Prof. Eli Zuckerman is the curator of the training course the students and teaches in A nurse at the hospital Bnei Zion. Also, it conducts a teaching job at the institute Technion

Participation in Associations

Dr. Zuckerman is the following professional societies:

  • The Israeli community on the Study of Liver Diseases; <. / li>
  • The medical community of Israel;
  • Society for internal medicine of Israel;
  • The European and the American community to study the liver
  • .
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