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International medical center Carme (lMC) specialization is the treatment of foreign patients. In the clinic, conduct diagnostics and professional treatment of many serious diseases.
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Medical Center Karmel - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Yoram Avraamov
A qualified gynecologist and urologist, headed by Department of Medical Carmel center.
Doctor  Eli Tsukerman Eli Tsukerman
Eli Zuckerman - a prominent Israeli hepatology, has received world fame thanks to a great contribution to the development of new accurate diagnosis and treatment methods of hepatitis B and C.
Doctor  Ariel Miller Ariel Miller
Prof. Ariel Miller - a talented physician, an outstanding specialist in diseases of the nervous system.
Amir Alami
Amir Alami - a successful doctor-cardiologist, head of cardiac surgery at the Medical Center Carmel.
Doctor  Marta Direnfeld Marta Direnfeld
Marta Direnfeld - treats female and male infertility. Talented researchers engaged in the study of fertility problems, working in the field of embryology.
About clinic Medical Center Karmel
Clinic reviews
My boy 1.8 years, on examination found atrial septal defect! Why it was missed earlier we don't know. The diagnosis was serious and the baby is well, still quite a pipsqueak. Found some good clinics, including Israeli Assuta Medical center and the Carmel. Assuta sure was good on all counts, but the price was 2.5 times more expensive. Therefore, we chose the second option. We observed Amir Alami. He's a great doctor and he could help us! There are already positive picture and we hope for the best!
Thanks to the talented March, Direnfeld Medical center Carmel in Israel for our twins of Artema and Cyril. We thanks to her successful technique in the treatment of infertility, now hold on handles two ball of happiness. Before that was a long 6 years of failure that almost destroyed our marriage! Babies born at 35 weeks by caesarean section. All is well!
After intercourse, I had abnormal vaginal discharge with blood streaks. It alarmed me and I went to a local gynecologist. After a colposcopy and other various tests, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 3. I was told that I will remove the uterus! And I'm only 36 years old and I wanted another child. Began to look for a foreign clinic where I can help and through the portal the Docklands came across the Medical center of Carmel and doctor ofer Lavi. He, thoroughly examined my case said that I have a chance to lecheniia without resection of the uterine body. Now treated here for a month and the tests have become better than before!
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