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Ron Debi

57 years / Seniority 26 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Ron Debi worldwide
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Ron Debi specializes in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Including treats myopathy, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis.

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Dr Ron Deby - a medical doctor with extensive experience in the field of neurological

Education and Career

Dr Debi graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. He received a specialized neurological hospital Beilinson. He trained in the field of neuromuscular pathologies in the clinic at the University of Columbia in the United States. Today, it is the main neurologist neurology department at the hospital Wolfson. More than twenty years of experience in the industry. . He teaches at Tel Aviv University


The scope of practice of Dr. Ron Debi interests include the following neurological problems:

  • neuropathy;
  • .
  • neuromuscular diseases;
  • muscular diseases, myopathy

Participation in Assotsiyaatsiyah

it is in the following communities:

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  • The Association of doctors neurologists Israel;
  • The international community neurologists
  • .
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