Paata Mikhailovich Skuridin Russia
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Paata Mikhailovich Skuridin

43 years / Seniority 23 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Paata Mikhailovich Skuridin worldwide
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Specializes in planning, emergency and laparoscopic methods of surgery, also has experience in working in areas endovideosurgery, Coloproctology and Anesthesiology and Resuscitation.

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Dr Skuridin Paata M. engaged in medical practice for more than 10 years. it graduated from the State Medical University named after Pavlov. From 2001 to 2003 he was a surgical intern in MAPS.

In general, works on his two specialties: oncologist and surgeon. But also has expertise in the field of intensive care, the latest surgical techniques, anesthesia. Dr. Paata M. mastered the techniques of the plurality of elective surgery for the treatment of inflammatory and oncological processes. Also knows methods of emergency surgical treatment. it uses gentle laparoscopic technique that provides rapid patient recovery. In the process of applying localized Cancer endovideosurgical procedure.

it conducts medical and scientific work in the direction of abdominal cancer surgery. He is engaged in complex treatment of malignant tumors of the abdominal cavity, including the stomach, liver and others. it provides medical care for injuries to internal organs. Paata Skuridin is receiving patients in abdominal Oncology Center.

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I'm an optimist by nature, so up to 25 years continued to hope that my Breasts will grow more. And when I realized that the miracle does not come by itself, it needs to step up, applied to the Block. Chose Spain, because it has not been in this country long dreamed of. The operation was done, Dr. Pierre Albrecht – very pleasant, confident, and it's clear – he's in the clinic "celebrity" doctor. And I don't want another one! Clearly, without any frills, he made of my 1st +3rd. And form I really like. In General, everything is magnífico!
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