Trichology in Thailand
2,080 patients are sent for treatment

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➤ Trichology in Thailand ➤ 2 clinics Addresses $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ☺ 10 reviews ✎ Make an appointment ✉ 2,080 patients are sent for treatment
You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Thailand .
Мы с мужем давно хотели ребеночка, но все как-то не получалось. И вот свершилось - тест показал 2 полоски! Практически сразу стал вопрос о выборе клиники для родов. Муж настаивал на заграничной, а я побаивалась. Но в итоге выбрали клинику Самитивей...
Елена Прекрасная, 30 years
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The clinic is certified by:Joint Commission International (JCI) is the biggest and most well-known hospital accreditation provider on the international market
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A multidisciplinary center with 40 operating rooms 24 hours a day. Speciality is the plastic surgery and surgery weight loss.
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