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➤ YANHEE GENERAL HOSPITAL ➤ Bangkok, Thailand ☺ 5 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
A multidisciplinary center with 40 operating rooms 24 hours a day. Speciality is the plastic surgery and surgery weight loss.
Our company is the official representative of YANHEE GENERAL HOSPITAL worldwide
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Doctor  Siripong Lyukskanavong Siripong Lyukskanavong

A specialist in the field of plastic surgery.

Doctor  Tavatchay Bunpadkhanapong Tavatchay Bunpadkhanapong

Talented specialist in plastic surgery, the author of numerous publications.

Clinic reviews
A few months ago I had an accident.Fortunately, I was lucky and I survived.But then I was hurt very seriously and I have detected traumatic brain injury.Our doctors did everything possible, but needed rehabilitation.The hospital was chosen because of its high quality services and high price compared to other rehabilitation centres.There was everything for quick recovery: highly trained specialists, modern equipment, constant power.Now I understand that our experts wouldn't be able to do.
I have doctors discovered a terrible diagnosis - cancer of the stomach. I passed all the tests said that I needed to live a month. But I just didn't want to give up. I was looking at Dockland and on to the hospital "Yanhee", after reading the reviews, seeing even a diagnosis, I believe that all is not lost, and decided to go. There was a survey and was told. it is not so bad. In this hospital I was operated on successfully, everything went without complications and I am now the happiest person in the world.
Who do not fall into my extremely delicate situation, I hardly understand! The fact that I found the tumor in the rectum. Cancer runs in the family Dad at the time 5 years has been struggling with skin cancer, underwent multiple surgeries, we did not even believe in a positive outcome! But all glory to God, the cost. And now I have this problem. When we treated dad, we already went to the clinic Yanhee, and then knowing that there are highly qualified specialists, decided to go back again. First we spoke with our doctor by Skype. He carefully advised us. Then we came, in fact, the treatment at the clinic. The doctor confirmed the presence of a tumor, took the necessary tests in order to understand what kind of this neoplasm. The analysis showed that the tumor was benign. But it still had to be removed because there is a small percentage of its transformation into malignant. It was an operation in which used the Da Vinci robot. I had the lump removed and then I watched for two months. Now all is well!
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