Hepatitis treatment in Turkey
8,171 patients are sent for treatment

Hepatitis treatment in Turkey

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hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver

the Cause of hepatitis, or factor causing inflammation of the liver are most often a virus. Despite the fact that viral hepatitis combines the viral nature of the disease is a disease caused by different viruses, which requires different treatment tactics. The most dangerous viruses causing hepatitis include the virus hepatitis B virus hepatitis C. Hepatitis D virus is the smallest virus in nature that affects the liver with hepatitis B virus, increasing the destructive action of the latter. Hepatitis G is often found with viral hepatitis C. Viral hepatitis b, With the threat of frequent transition in the chronic form and the development of complications:

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The clinic is certified by:Joint Commission International (JCI) is the biggest and most well-known hospital accreditation provider on the international market
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Network hospitals Memorial specialised on treatment hepatitis
The network of hospitals the memorial is a complex of eight medical institutions which provided services for organ transplants, genetic research, artificial insemination, treatment of cancer, cardiac diseases and many others.
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The clinic is certified by:Joint Commission International (JCI) is the biggest and most well-known hospital accreditation provider on the international market
The network of hospitals Acibadem specialised on treatment hepatitis
The network of clinics of aesthetic medicine, which includes 14 General hospitals, by right occupies a leading place in providing health services in the country. Istanbul Acibadem center offers its patients diagnosis and treatment in a comfortable ...
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We found 3 clinics specialized in Gastroenterology in Turkey


Which method is passed the threat of viral hepatitis B and C?

  • Sexually;
  • When using non-sterile medical equipment;
  • Piercing, tattooing, inadequate disinfection and other manicure tools at beauty salons;
  • Through contact with the blood.

is there a cure for chronic viral hepatitis?

According to who, more than 500,000 people in the world have chronic viral hepatitis. Fortunately, many people from different countries of the world, developed by medicines for complete cure of chronic viral hepatitis C. The cost of modern treatment became available for many patients. Gone are the expensive and lengthy treatment regimens, have serious side effects and do not give significant guarantee of success. The drugs for successful suppression of hepatitis B virus, which allows to avoid the destruction of liver cells and development of cirrhosis.

What is the hepatitis transmitted by poor personal hygiene?

hepatitis a (Botkin's disease) differs from other viral hepatitis a transmission mechanism. Hepatitis And contribute to poor personal hygiene, contaminated water, poorly washed fruits. Considering the mechanisms of transmission of hepatitis A, often recorded outbreaks of the disease. Favorable outcome of viral hepatitis and absence of chronic disease, is also the hallmark of hepatitis A from other, more dangerous, and the preceding viral hepatitis b and hepatitis C. Any threat and always requires immediate and proper treatment. To protect against hepatitis A and B vaccinations (administered preventive vaccine). From a hepatitis C vaccine has not yet been established.

In recent years, often diagnose hepatitis TTV, this disease also is caused by a virus and causes a significant damage of the liver. In our recommended clinics perform accurate diagnostics of viral hepatitis and treatment is applied using the most modern medicines.

Hepatitis can be caused not only by virus

inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) can cause not only viruses, but also certain medications, toxins, various infectious agents, autoimmune reactions occurred due to improper work of immune system. Dysfunction of the gallbladder, inflammation and concrements (stones) in the gallbladder also can cause inflammation of the liver - cholestatic hepatitis. Timely access to a doctor and the latest techniques with minimal intervention, helping to fully restore the function of the liver in this case.

What are the symptoms characteristic for all hepatitis?

  • Fatigue;
  • Pain in the joints;
  • Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite;
  • Pain and heaviness in the abdomen, right upper quadrant;
  • Dark urine;
  • Clarification of stool
  • color Changing (yellowing) of the skin and sclera of the eye.

If you suspect hepatitis perform ultrasound examination of the liver, blood tests for markers of viral hepatitis, and various liver function tests, designed to assess the extent of damage to the liver tissues. Find out more about modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of hepatitis. Ask a question to our expert.

I never thought that I would come to the Canary Islands to be treated, always thought that this place is exclusively for guests. However, it turned out that for about a hundred years here is a multi-disciplinary medical center. I took a survey about abdominal pain. All done quickly and efficiently, found gastritis, disorders of the liver, prescribe treatment, which really helped.
I suffered acute pancreatitis, which turned into chronic, since then, regularly experience discomfort, pain. My doctor in Russia said that as a result of frequent exacerbations of healthy tissue in the pancreas is getting smaller, it is replaced by connective tissue, and advised me to think about surgery. Hans-Peter Lemmensinstituut I went on the recommendation of friends who turned to him. Was very pleased with the treatment from this doctor.
This was my gift to myself — to go to the hospital San Roque Maspalomas Hospital in the Department of aesthetic medicine, to do them, to rest in the Canary Islands and return a different person. I was looking for such a place — situated in a beautiful location and offering a range of services for beauty of face and body. I was ready for surgery, but they are not required. Numerous hardware techniques, quality cosmetics, and no knife did to me a miracle. Peels and lifting using ultrasound and laser rejuvenated me for 10 years, masks have helped to sustain this effect. Body I also studied very actively. Manual and hardware massage helped me lose weight, tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite. In the future, after 5 years I still plan to return to do a facelift, maybe some more correction. It will return to the hospital San Roque Maspalomas Hospital, because here I am very comfortable and I really trust each of the experts.
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