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Medipol University Hospital

➤ Medipol University Hospital ➤ Istanbul, Turkey ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The largest private multidisciplinary clinic in Turkey.
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Medipol University Hospital - Turkey
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Doctor  Tamer Atasevar Tamer Atasevar
A specialist in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine.
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Clinic reviews
My parents moved to Turkey from the Ukraine, due to unfavorable political situation in the country. Here bought a small apartment and take out insurance. They were served in the University Hospital Medipol. And how many times there would not be addressed on various issues, always received expert help. At home they have such a service even in a private hospital is not seen.
Arrived at childchildbirth in Turkey Medipol University Hospital, as my sister who lives here, very recommended it to me. Yes, you heard right! Childchildbirth in Turkey is experienced obstetricians-gynecologists, a high level of service and considerate approach to each patient. And we in this plan a complete mess. Now my baby is one month and his childbirth I remember with a smile! Everything went fine, but I gave childbirth with epiduralny anesthesia.
Came for a nose job in Medipol University Hospital, as seen on one of the sites advertising reviews and satisfied clients of the clinic. By the way, was one of them and women from Germany and the United States. The price of the transaction was average, but the effect on 5+! Ordering operation on the portal the Docklands, I was asked to set a date for the intervention in August-September of this year to have more time to enjoy Istanbul the sea of Marmara! The operation I did in August and about 2 weeks I didn't leave the rented apartment, but then almost every day walked. Was initially a pain, but I was prescribed the perfect pain reliever and I was saved!
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