I live in Saratov, but when I put a breast cancer, decided to go to Moscow. There were fears that the province lags far behind in matters of treatment of cancer. First in the cancer center. Blokhin I took the drugs that they gave his opinion. I was... Read more
Marina, 45 years     Dec 5, 2016
We received the medical intervention by Prof Carsten Perka and Michael Dahne in Charite, Berlin one year ago. They are the best in the world for me and our family. Thank you from my heart! Good bless you.
Aurela, 51 years     Aug 12, 2019
Came here for an operation to remove the gallbladder to the doctor Surya Bhanu as he was the best surgeon and was operated on even high-ranking politicians of the state. This calmed me internally, because also I had a strong heart arrhythmia and I... Read more
Anatoly, 39 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Aggi Neymann-Shibener Aggi Neymann-Shibener

A A leading specialist pulmonologist, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases.

Doctor  Toshakova Elena Petrovna Toshakova Elena Petrovna

The family doctor, specializes in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.

Doctor  Lynch Farsi Lynch Farsi

Lynch Farsi - a great specialist in the field of anesthesiology, his method is distinguished by an individual approach to the patient it helps people to cope with any kind of pain, whether chronic or acute.

Doctor  Ulrich Gembruch Ulrich Gembruch

He specializes in the management of pregnancy in women carrying childbirth, watching the woman after childbirth.

Doctor  Matsey Kelar Matsey Kelar

Maciej Chelaru is an expert in the areas of general and vascular surgery

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