25 years I started Smoking, and the way of life I was not very healthy. All this has led subsequently to neurology. To treat vegetative-vascular dystonia it was not easy: all the tests, trips to the doctors and ineffective treatment, took a lot of... Read more
Galina, 33 years     Dec 5, 2016
It so happened that for the first time in 65 years had to go abroad, the children insisted to treat my ischemia in Germany. They are now the people of the world, accustomed to fly wherever you want. Not that we old people. Impressed by the level of... Read more
Peter Leonidovich, 66 years     Dec 5, 2016
After I have left breastfeeding, the milk have not immediately gone, and accumulated inside the chest with strong seals. May be I not correctly did something, but I have these bumps did not pass. The doctor said it was mastitis and prescribed... Read more
Tatiana, 31 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Roland Kaufmann Roland Kaufmann

An outstanding specialist dermatologist, head of Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology.

Doctor  Rikhard Dodel Rikhard Dodel

A specialist neurologist, head of department of neurology.

Eud Margaliot

Eud Margaliot - a great specialist in the field of IVF. He is the head of the department.

Doctor  Khaim Matskin Khaim Matskin

A leading specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of urological and oncological urological diseases in Israel. Provides diagnosis, prevention and treatment of: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, prostatitis. He has extensive experience in the field and carry out complex operations involved in brachytherapy.

Doctor  Yoav Matan Yoav Matan

A wonderful specialist in joint arthroplasty.

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