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My husband and I decided that a second baby to give childbirth will not in Russia. And chose the international hospital in Bangkok. Not fly away from our region, the price is quite acceptable and do not need a visa. All documents are issued in two... Read more
Alina, 31 years     Dec 5, 2016
Had an accident and was a C5 compression fracture and injury to the right knee joint. My family was very afraid of the recovery period, because the damage was serious and needed a competent rehabilitation period. Signed up to Dowie to Ronen, he is... Read more
Egor, 29 years     Dec 5, 2016
Professor Kopacz I went for a consultation, when heart problems were already significant, there are signs of heart failure. In addition to her diagnosis was listed as hypertension and atherosclerosis. Chosen by Mieczyslaw Kopacz treatment helped me... Read more
Julia, 42 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Nikolaev Anton Valeryevich Nikolaev Anton Valeryevich
A brilliant specialist in joint replacement and arthroscopy of joints.
Doctor  Fridelmann Shad Fridelmann Shad
Fridelmann Schad specializes in treating cancers of internal organs
Doctor  Ila Gupta Ila Gupta
A specialist in the field of reproductive technologies. Well-known expert on IVF and artificial insemination.
Doctor  Henning Windhagen Henning Windhagen
The head physician of one of the most prestigious orthopedic clinics - Henning Windhagen - is a doctor of medical sciences and is considered one of the best specialists in their field.
Doctor  Srinivas D.V. Srinivas D.V.
A A leading orthopedic clinic. Performs a full range of operations on the joints.
Medical treatment abroad is simple

The facts about medical treatment abroad.

Treatment abroad becomes more and more demanded at citizens of the states of the former Soviet Union. Increase in demand for the services connected with medical treatment abroad is caused by the fact that respectable clinics of Western Europe and the centers with the advanced technical resources in Asia have a possibility of performing treatment at the highest level and with the most comfortable conditions for the patient.

Comparison of statistics of the different countries on indicators of medical tourism clearly demonstrates that even this direction continues to develop in the crisis periods. So, according to Bloomberg, a turn of this area exceeds 55 billion dollars, and the analyst of the portal Patients without borders demonstrates that this branch grows not less, than for 25% a year.

At the same time cost of medical treatment inquiries to similar tourist programs. So, planning treatment and rest abroad, patients even more often for the sake of cut in expenditure refuse the "collateral" services which do not have relations directly to medicine - chambers with a beautiful look, meetings on arrival on cars of a premium segment, VIP-placement, etc.

Why treatment abroad is so popular?

The number of the people who went from countries with excellent medicine for treatment abroad to Europe or East countries and even Asia increases on average by 15%, and the tendency to growth remains even in difficult economic conditions of 2015-2016. It is promoted by a variety of reasons:

  • 57% of the equipment in the state hospitals are in operation more than 10 years, urgent replacement is demanded by over 12 thousand pieces of equipment;
  • in 43% of hospitals repair is required, and 37% of budgetary institutions of health care are in critical condition;

The prices of treatment also allow to make the decision in favor of medical tourism - the average check for the comprehensive program makes 15 thousand dollars.

When we recommend you to go for medical treatment abroad?

Treatment abroad - in Europe, Israel, India, South Korea - in many cases is preferable. Except higher level of credibility to clinics and experts, to the factors inducing to address for medical services in other country belong:

  • need of the emergency help;
  • rare and specific diseases with which it is impossible to struggle in the homeland due to the lack of due resources;
  • need of confidential treatment, for example, without active participation of acquaintances, colleagues, etc.;
  • desire to combine treatment and vacation abroad.

According to patients, when planning such type of treatment the organizational moments have basic value. Collecting necessary documents, flight, a transfer, registration in medical institution, communication with the doctor, the recovery period - all these stages can be undergone independently on condition of free knowledge of the necessary language, but more comfortable and reasonable is an appeal to the intermediary company.

Why it is worth choosing DocLand?

DocLand conducts cooperation with more than 100 clinics worldwide. Our mission - high-quality information and organizational support of those who need medical care in other country. We offer:

  • huge choice of versatile and specialized clinics;
  • access to licenses and other documents, accepted in system of certification of the concrete state;
  • the detailed description of services and features of service in the different medical centers.

Our main advantage - the honest and "transparent" prices of medical treatment abroad. We conclude an agreement with foreign medical centers for promotion and doing so we exclude price increment for the clients. Therefore the invoice from our portal will not differ from that which would be exposed by clinic at the direct address.