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In the clinic. Chaim Sheba we treated the grandson from leukemia. I chose this hospital, as the results for the treatment of leukemia in children is one of the best. I liked that everything is clear and worked out, I think the chemo is important. We... Read more
Anna, 52 years     Dec 5, 2016
I made in the clinic Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" ultrasonic endoscopy with fine-needle aspiration on the recommendation of friends. The doctor I liked, like Nicolas cage, only in age! But the doctor Dinko Berkovic definitely not an actor, and a... Read more
Natalia, 34 years     Dec 5, 2016
If someone is faced with psoriasis, you know that this disease is very difficult to treat. The fact is that it is not sufficiently studied, and therefore methods of treatment rather symptomatic and experimental. I went for the treatment of psoriasis... Read more
Alexey, 42 years     Dec 5, 2016
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Doctor  Hyubert Tsirngibl Hyubert Tsirngibl

He specializes in the surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the abdominal cavity using a minimally-invasive surgery and other treatments Careful.

Doctor  Birgit Bortsager Birgit Bortsager

Engaged in counseling patients who underwent unsuccessful implantation and miscarriage of the fetus during IVF, diagnose immunological causes. it is also specialized in acupuncture.

Doctor  Peter Raykhard Peter Raykhard

Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Oncology.

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