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I was worried about the snoring of my husband. My husband didn't hear it. Several years tried to force him to get treatment but he just waved. Had to arrange for a consultation in Israel. Friends have already turned to Dan Fleece, so I took their... Read more
Natalia, 48 years     Dec 5, 2016
I had to correct the scoliosis, with which I had suffered since childhood due to wrong position of a body continuously. Since childhood, I was always doing different exercises, went to physical therapy. Of course I knew that it is possible to do the... Read more
Masha, 42 years     Dec 5, 2016
In the clinic Medicover sent me children, when my fibroids grew to such proportions that it had to be removed. I lived with her for many years, knew she was growing, but the operation still was not mentally ready. Even more so abroad. But everything... Read more
Nellie V., 52 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Rehud Raanani Rehud Raanani
Despite his young age, Professor Ehud Ra'anana already manages the cardiac center, well-known abroad. As a university professor and the President of the Israel Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Doctor  Otto Bundshu Otto Bundshu

A highly skilled neurosurgeon, specializes in the treatment of benign and malignant tumors in the head with a gamma knife.

Doctor  Robert Rödl Robert Rödl

Robert Rödl - a worthy representative of its of the University of Muenster clinic. This is a highly qualified specialist in the field of pediatric orthopedics, it helps young patients cope with a variety of orthopedic ailments, as well as diseases of the joints and deformations.

Doctor  Boynover Yoram Boynover Yoram

Pediatric gastroenterology

Doctor  Michael Manns Michael Manns

Michael Manns - experienced professional Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, Hannover Medical Higher School, Doctor of Medicine and director of research for new drugs to treat hepatitis.

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