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Heard a lot about the largest linico Germany Charité, since the days of the USSR. Would like to consult on a delicate issue with them, waited 4 weeks. did not wait. Apparently low level of interest in the patients from Russia. and they say crisis... Read more
Victor Petrovich, 55 years     Dec 5, 2016
3 years ago had a dislocated pelvis. After this surgery and after I have formed a dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint. To resolve the problem on the portal the Docklands, I was offered several clinics with experienced doctors on my problem, but the... Read more
Nadezhda, 40 years     Dec 5, 2016
Amid putrid mastitis I was brought to the Clinic of Eichsfeld. I have a week as was just stagnation with cones, and I constantly was decanted, and the baby the breast as often as possible gave, but still it is not all the bumps were resorbed. After... Read more
Anya, 36 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Rudolf Raykh Rudolf Raykh
He specializes in the treatment and prevention of conduct disorders, injuries, fractures, deformities, tumors and changes in the shape of the skull.
Doctor  Epifanov Alexander Vitalyevich Epifanov Alexander Vitalyevich
Author of monographs, textbooks, has 7 patents, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation MSMSU.
Doctor  Kim Sun Il Kim Sun Il
Professor of Transplant Surgery, specializes in transplantation of organs and the peripheral veins.
Dganit Dinor-Atalan
Dganit Dinora-Atala - a great specialist in the field of nephrology. it treats congenital and acquired renal disease.
Doctor  Radzhesh K. Verma Radzhesh K. Verma
An experienced surgeon, spent more than 12,000 operations. Specialist arthroplasty and trauma.
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