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I have chronic nephritis, edema was terrible. Passed treatment of nephritis in clinic Fortis FMRI, Keshavamurthy Mohan. Swelling gone Chaz 3 days after the treatment, the medicine is there really at the highest level. Now, having passed all the... Read more
Catherine, 39 years     Dec 5, 2016
The first time we came to India in 2009 and fell in love with this country and its culture. Since then, coming for the fifth time with the children, relax, do yoga and along the way we pass preventive examinations at the Institute. Once applied here... Read more
Svetlana, 30 years     Dec 5, 2016
Came to the neurologist with a sharp pain in the neck and shoulder Department. In recent years, and memory was also bad was the noise in the ears, headache and occasionally numb limbs. X-rays showed that I have subchondral sclerosis of the thoracic... Read more
Olga, 39 years     Dec 5, 2016
Get medical opinion of best doctors
Doctor  Oliver Meler Oliver Meler

A wonderful pediatrician specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

Doctor  Imad Abu el Nadzh Imad Abu el Nadzh

A leading specialist of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Doctor  Arie Lindner Arie Lindner

Head of the Urology Department, specializing in the most complex operations on the kidneys, prostate, urinary bladder. Practices diagnosis and treatment of BPH, including with the use of laser technology.

Doctor  Andreas Kozirovskiy Andreas Kozirovskiy

A highly qualified oncologist specializing in the treatment of cancer at different stages.

Doctor  Bernkhard Shifer Bernkhard Shifer

A talented specialist cardiologist, head of the department of cardiology.

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