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For many years I have had problems with the joints – the arthritis, the osteoarthritis, and in fact, just barely moving. So than just not treated, the effect has always been temporary and short-lived. Son sent me to the Helios clinic first for... Read more
Michael, 50 years     Dec 5, 2016
Treated osteochondrosis of the spine for 2 years. But the therapy not only helped, but also led to a herniated. I thought it not as scary and it will go away, but the pain became unbearable, plus the work is sedentary postponed imprint. Wife on the... Read more
Anton, 38 years     Dec 5, 2016
Husband is 61 years old, suffered an ischemic stroke 2 degrees. According to the doctors it will go, if you engage with him, but, alas, the hand will not work. As I didn't want to believe in such a pessimistic conclusion, because I wanted to return... Read more
Olga, 55 years     Dec 5, 2016
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Doctor  Saksonova Elena Vladimirovna Saksonova Elena Vladimirovna

It is engaged in various forms of facial nerve neuropathy, pain in the face, symmetry breaking. Treats headaches.

Doctor  Marat Haykin Marat Haykin

Specialist in colorectal surgery, proctology and laparoscopic gastrointestinal tract, perform complex laparoscopic surgery without opening the abdominal cavity

Doctor  Mandzhu Aggarval Mandzhu Aggarval

Specialist in the management of patients in the program for a kidney transplant. Dialyzed, a wide range of nephrology procedures.

Doctor  Dmitriy Viktorovich Kukhno Dmitriy Viktorovich Kukhno

Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation with experience more than 20 years.

Doctor  Ilan Belet Ilan Belet

Ilan Belet - a great neurologist. Today, it focuses on the study, diagnosis and the latest methods of treatment of epilepsy.

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