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One of the oldest medical institutions in Germany. specializing for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as a leader in the field of neuroscience, transplantation, genetics, and treatment of infectious diseases.
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Heidelberg University hospital - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Markus Byukhler Markus Byukhler
A highly skilled surgeon, head of the Department of General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery.
Doctor  Mattias Kark Mattias Kark
A leding surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.
Doctor  Dittmar Bekler Dittmar Bekler
A prominent vascular surgeon, specializes in the treatment of patients with acute and chronic vascular diseases.
Doctor  Markus Khokhenfellner Markus Khokhenfellner
A talented urologist, headed by the Department of Urology.
Doctor  Patrick Gyunter Patrick Gyunter
A specialist surgeon in the field of pediatric surgery.
About clinic Heidelberg University hospital

Heidelberg University hospital consists of 42 institutions and offices. Every year the institution takes a million people on an outpatient basis, 66 thousand inpatients, another 50 thousand people receive partial in-patient treatment. This is the hospital's oldest University, founded in the 14th century, turned into a huge complex that creates the future of medicine.

there are trained more than 3 800 students. In the state at Heidelberg University hospital – about 10 thousand employees, including 1,600 people are professors and doctors. Chief doctor of the hospital, the famous Professor Guido Adler.

Heidelberg University hospital is well equipped. Operating rooms prepared for reconstructive microsurgery, plastic, laparoscopic procedure. The skill of the surgeons and excellent equipment allow to carry out complex operations on the brain, spine. In our clinic we use the experimental, medication, surgical treatment.

Heidelberg University hospital is the flagship of the German medicine. The clinic occupies a leading position on quality of service, the present treatment and other important indicators.

Clinic reviews
Too much bureaucracy - less care for patients.This is review is specifically addressed to international services and not doctors at Heidelberg.A friend of mine recommended to consult with Heidelberg Hospital about surgery and possible treatment. I inquired their international services more than two weeks ago and instead of referring my request to the appropriate doctor for the consultation they drowned my request in bureaucratic procedures asking for translations irrelevant documents.I was able to get second opinion for clinics in Israel and the US in less than two days and talked to doctors directly there. So if you are an international patient I don’t recommend consulting with Heidelberg - you would lose precious time and efforts.
After the diagnosis I have HPV oncogenic type, at first I was very upset, but then somehow forgot about it about 3 years never visited the gynecologist. But all this is first pain and heavy discharge, streaked with blood from the vagina. After that, I quickly rushed to the hospital, where he passed all the tests. Summary of cervical cancer in the early stages. Of course we doctors are good I do not argue, but my life I'm not ready to trust them! Found on the advice of colleagues at work the doctors Area from the University clinic of Heidelberg, who did a great job removing the tumor. Thank you!
About 8 months ago I began to experience a weakness in the chest, tachycardia was 90 in the unexcited condition and everything else was added the feeling of a fading rhythm. Went to the doctor and did an EKG but everything was normal. So all this went on. Decided to get tested in a specialized clinic. Chose long and meticulously, and on the portal the Docklands, I was offered a great the oldest and trusted hospital in Germany - University clinic of Heidelberg. My Dr. Matthias Kark, after the test results, I am encouraged that it's not so bad and all this is treatable!
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