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The Institute of human brain them. N. P. The RAS

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➤ The Institute of human brain them. N. P. The RAS ➤ Saint-Peterburg, Russia ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
Main branches:
Neurology , Psychiatry , Neurosurgery
The Institute of human brain them. N. P. Bekhtereva of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the leading scientific institution in Russia, which for several decades has been studying the human brain and its complex functions. The center's specialists are developing new treatments at the intersection of medicine, pedagogy, human ecology and high technology.
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About The Institute of human brain them. N. P. The RAS

IN IHB RAS today are exploring various mechanisms of the human brain, engaged in the treatment of diseases associated with neural activity. Based on the research developed high-tech diagnostic methods, which are then used in hospitals across the country. The Institute was opened in 1990. The institution was established on the basis of the neurophysiological Department of IEM (Institute of experimental medicine). In 2009 the clinic to study the human brain was named Bechtereva N. P.

the Main directions of the clinic are neurosurgery, neurology, psychology and psychiatry.


the structure of the IHB RAS constitute one research group, and 8 laboratories. In the clinic there are 160 beds for the treatment of humans with nervous system diseases and organic lesions of the brain. Also, the Institute listed 4 research center.

IHB RAS, diagnoses and treatment using the latest technical equipment.

Medical staff

Today, the institution successfully cooperate experienced practitioners and best researchers. Experts of IHB RAS, and conducted correspondence consultations by reviewing client submitted medical certificates and diagnoses.

the state Department has more than 10 heads of departments; and each Department employs doctors, as well as the candidates. The professionalism and experience of doctors of the clinic allows them to establish accurate diagnoses in the shortest possible time.

international experience

the Institute closely cooperates with leading medical institutions in the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany,Finland. Every year on the basis of the IHB RAS held an international conference aimed at exchange of experience between leading experts in the field of neurosurgery (in particular, in conferences discuss the basic principles and methods of treatment of epilepsy and paroxysmal disorders).

doctors of the Institute on a regular basis are trained in various international medical centers (e.g., Cleveland Clinic, USA).

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