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Tata memorial hospital is a multidisciplinary medical centre specializing in the prevention, treatment, and research in the field of Oncology.
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Clinic Fortis FMRI (Fortis Memorial Research Institute) - India
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About clinic Clinic Fortis FMRI (Fortis Memorial Research Institute)

Tata Memorial hospital was opened in 1942. Its main specialization is diagnostics, treatment and prevention of cancer. According to statistics, 70% of the patients treated in this center, there are no postoperative complications and recurrences.

Surgeons, oncologists, conducting operations in the clinic nanny, use equipment that can accurately determine the localization of metastases and 100% to remove cancer lesions. The center has modern machines, PET CT, MRI, CT scanners, best European ultrasound machines. Radiation therapy is carried out with maximum levels of computerization and the most modern and safe isotopes. In the hospital are doing everything possible not only to remove the tumor, but to preserve the health of the patient, not to harm other organs and body systems.

in addition, during rehabilitation at Memorial hospital Tata widely used methods such as physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy. According to doctors, it helps patients to quickly return to a normal life.

Clinic reviews
In Bombay we have friends. In fact, flying to visit them and thought because this city has such a famous hospital, why not to consult about adenoids our Jenya? And then this winter the child 3 times was sick, and our doctors are all wondering – delete-do not delete, can not decide. Signed up here through the Docklands before departure to the doctor. In General, cicol it to us quickly and adenoids and inflamed tonsils. And without any doubt! It's only been three days, and we're already healthy and going on a tour of bollywood.
I want to thank the doctors of Tata hospital for their professionalism, attention to people, sensitivity. We were on treatment in Israel, frankly, like not all. First and foremost, in terms of attention to patients. And here worn with every patient like a jewel. As for my degenerative disc disease, the well-being after treatment in emerg. Tata I have improved, and significantly. See what happens next, perhaps, come again. Understand that there's a whole bunch that just will not heal.
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