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General information

Rehabilitation is a complex of the actions directed to recovery of health after diseases or injuries. The set of the rehabilitation centers among which there are versatile and specialized medical institutions which deal with some specific problem is abroad opened.

Features of rehabilitation abroad

Most often the people who had a stroke, a trauma or heavy operation after which were forced to be long without the movement become patients of the rehabilitation centers. Correctly made program of rehabilitation allows them to restore quickly enough physical activity, to return to normal life.

Not in all cases perhaps complete recovery. If damages very serious, specialists of the rehabilitation centers teach patients to live in the new state, help to master skills of management of a wheelchair or uses of crutches, other auxiliary devices.

Advantages of medical treatment abroad

What need of rehabilitation was connected with, it is possible to be sure that in clinics abroad it will be the most effective, at the same time price level is much lower, than in most the rehabilitation centers of Europe.

You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Greece .
После спортивной травмы и операции на коленном суставе мне нужна была реабилитация, потому что восстановление шло очень медленно, наши врачи давали плохие прогнозы. Тренер посоветовал ехать в Грецию, где есть известная ортопедическая клиника. У меня...
Даниил, 36 years
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I came to Dr. Crowely when I was in a difficult situation with a double leg fracture, a torn meniscus but still the problems associated with the old injury, once treated it in some way. Really liked how the clinic everything is clearly organized, attitude to patients excellent. The level of medicine is much higher than ours, it can not be doubted. So go for treatment in Israel or not – I have no doubts. To return to the sport was for me at that time the only purpose in life. And I have reached.
The Sports clinic in Żory, I had surgery about habitual dislocation of the shoulder. In this state I have lived over 5 years after he completed a career. At first it seems tolerable – off every six months, and then increasingly more often. In the end I had to do strengthening capsules and transplantation of the parts of the joint. The result is fully satisfied. The main thing – the shoulder in place, will not "running away."
Went for treatment in a targeted way to Henrik's Leg. Already two of our team, he carried out operations back in operation guys in situations when they were threatened with a wheelchair or at best crutches until the end of days. My situation was not so difficult, but I decided not to risk it. Today only the third day after the operation, and the mobility of the foot is almost recovered. Very satisfied.
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