Liver cancer treatment in Spain
2,088 patients are sent for treatment

Liver cancer treatment in Spain

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General information and causes of liver cancer

liver Cancer is common worldwide. And it is predictable, because the main cause of liver cancer, are common in the world chronic viral hepatitis B and C. Other causes of liver cancer are: liver cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, toxic and drug hepatitis, use of steroid hormones and the intake of food containing aflatoxins. Diabetes and obesity can also be factors contributing to the development of cancer process in the liver. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common form of liver cancer, the cancer arises from damaged by viruses or toxic substances in liver cells. Another less commonly seen form of cancer is cholangiocarcinoma, or cancer of the bile ducts. recommends only those doctors and technology, which are recognized as best in the world.

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Clinic Walton specialised on treatment liver cancer
Hospital Velton specializing in the treatment of arthroscopy and hip and knee arthroplasty. At the clinic, patients will be able to pass not only accurate diagnostics and quality treatment with the help of modern equipment, but also rapid ...
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University hospital Quiron Madrid specialised on treatment liver cancer
University hospital QUIRON MADRID - the world famous private multidisciplinary medical institution corresponding to world standards, which is confirmed, what is confirmed by ISO certificate.
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Hospital San Roque Maspalomas Hospital specialised on treatment liver cancer
Hospital San Roque Maspalomas is part of Hospitales San Roque Group, whose history goes back almost one hundred years. Clinic specializing on the provision of surgical care, including urgent. The hospital has 6 operating and a large number of ...
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The Institute oftalmologico Fernandez-VEGA specialised on treatment liver cancer
The family fernández-VEGA for many generations engaged in the ophthalmology. Their Institute is one of the best in the country and the world institutions specializing in the treatment of pathologies. Specialists of the clinic many people helped to ...
Main branches:
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The clinic is certified by:ISO - leading certification platform of medical facilities involved in medical tourism and tourism medicine
Clinic IMED HOSPITALES - LEVANTE specialised on treatment liver cancer
IMED - Levante — one of the best private clinics in Alicante. On six floors located more than a hundred wards, intensive care unit and six operating rooms. The hospital offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services, including treatment ...
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The clinic is certified by:Joint Commission International (JCI) is the biggest and most well-known hospital accreditation provider on the international market
University clinic of Navarra specialised on treatment liver cancer
University clinic of Navarra called the most technologically advanced clinics in Spain, which is one of the best clinics of Europe. She works at the medical faculty of Navarre University, which allows her the first professionals to access the latest ...
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We found 6 clinics specialized in Oncology in Spain

tumors of the liver may be secondary is metastasis from cancer of other organs, occurring in the late stages of cancer of the stomach, intestines, breast and lungs. Liver metastases, or secondary liver cancer is more common than primary cancer arising from liver cells and bile ducts. From the exact determination of the causes of tumors and evaluation of cancer prevalence depends on the correct treatment.

Diagnosis of liver cancer abroad is based on a modern examination methods:

1. Fibroscan is a technology using special ultrasound waves that help to assess the tissue structure of the liver and to diagnose cirrhosis. High-frequency ultrasound is used to detect various problems in liver, bile duct and other abdominal organs.

2. CT scan - a medical imaging procedure that uses x-rays and digital computer technology to detect problems in the liver and abdominal organs. CT is used to confirm and determine the size of the tumor. Modern CT scanners are low radiation and the possibility of constructing multidimensional models of the investigated organ. For more accurate cancer imaging of the liver using contrast agents that absorb tumor cells, allowing you to clearly see the malignant process.

3. MRI is an additional imaging technique of liver cancer and size of the malignancy.

4. PET - CT scan evaluates the spread of cancer to the liver (metastases). Using PET-CT it is possible to determine the Tuesday of liver cancer and to detect the precise localization of the primary tumor.

5. The main marker of liver cancer alpha-fetoprotein is determined by a blood test, other blood tests to assess liver function and the patient's condition, When any disease of the liver is obligatory to perform testing for viral hepatitis B and C.

6. A liver biopsy is done by holding a thin needle through the abdomen directly into the tumor. A biopsy is needed to confirm the diagnosis of liver cancer and planning of required treatment. A liver biopsy is performed under ultrasound control. Biopsy is performed not in every case of liver cancer, often for confirmation of the diagnosis enough of the above studies.

Symptoms of liver cancer

liver Cancer does not cause any noticeable symptoms at an early stage. Therefore, the particular importance played by the timely treatment of diseases often leads to the development of liver cancer. However, the following symptoms will be present in case of liver cancer:

  • Pain, especially in the upper right part of the abdomen, right upper quadrant;
  • Fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea;
  • Unexplained weight loss;
  • Yellowing of the skin and sclera of the eye;

liver cancer Treatment abroad

liver cancer Treatment abroad - is an innovative procedure with minimal intervention and cooperation of physicians from different areas of medicine: Hepatology, Oncology, radiology, Virology, and clinical pharmacology. To modern methods of treatment of liver cancer, in the international clinics of Israel, Germany, Korea and India include:

  • radio-frequency ablation of liver tumors (RFA) is a new approach to the destruction of small carcinomas in the liver using radio waves;
  • Chemoembolization (TACE) is the direct introduction of cancer-destroying drugs directly into the tumor through the artery, with a further overlap of blood supply to the cancer;
  • Cyber-knife is used for the destruction of tumors up to 6 mm. Procedure unlike standard radiation directs the radiation strictly to the tumor without damaging healthy tissue;
  • In the later stages of the disease is a combination of several treatment methods: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy sensitivity of tumor to drugs. Liver transplantation may be applicable for patients under the age of 70 years;
  • Treatment of complications and improving the quality of life of patients. Cirrhosis and possible liver cancer portal hypertension, which leads to varicose veins of the esophagus, stomach and accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. In the clinics of Germany and Israel carried out a special procedure intrahepatic portosystemic shunting (TIPS) in order to save the patient from ascites and the risk of bleeding, particularly when low platelet count is associated with liver damage.

Prevention is better than cure. But when treatment is necessary, therapy may be most effective if liver cancer is detected at an early stage. Up to 90% of cases of liver cancer caused by viral hepatitis. For this reason offers affordable international hospital to perform a full examination and apply cheap modern medicines for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis. We are leaders in providing quality and affordable treatment to patients with chronic viral hepatitis, thereby contributing to prevention of liver cancer.

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the first reaction was of course panic, and then I Packed up and started to look for information on the Internet and on the forums. I'm still grateful to all those people who write reviews about their appeal to different professionals – I this information helped to survive. That is why I write about how I got to Israel, and how I was able to overcome the disease.The purpose of my search information on the Internet to understand where and how to treat ovarian cancer, what are my prospects in General? The important thing is that I knew we must act quickly. Of course, I wanted to go to a top specialist because of the ability to experiment just wasn't there.I immediately realized that I wanted to be treated in Israel, as there is a percentage of cure from cancer is very high, including ovarian cancer. This treatment is cheaper than, say, the USA or Germany, for me it was also an important argument. I only had to choose the doctor. About Professor Moshe Inbar had a lot of positive reviews so I decided to go for a consultation to him. I read that it shone Oncology, one of the best specialists in the country, with many titles and awards. In General, riding to the reception with understandable excitement. But it turned out that it is also a surprisingly charming person very easy to communicate with. Maybe for someone it is not important, but I think in Oncology in the possibility of simple human contact with the doctor, not the fear and dread of him and his credibility is very important.Professor appointed me to the examination (ultrasound, PET CT), which was assigned to phase 2A. The doctor explained to me that the only treatment option is removal of the uterus with appendages, but still extended operation is not required, as in the neighbouring organs cancer was not detected. Perhaps if I arrived earlier, it would be possible to limit removal of the ovary, and have lasted much longer – it would take the radiation and chemo. So I think that in some sense I was lucky, the treatment was limited to surgery, which was done quickly and very neatly. Now, when this story is over, and I can safely say that survived and beat cancer, I want to advise all women facing a similar diagnosis, don't wait and immediately contact professionals that you trust. I chose Moshe Inbar and I have not regretted.
When I was diagnosed with "cervical cancer" I was in a complete panic. Decided that the treatment will be abroad and chose Israel, Dr. Moshe Inbar. I want to say that it is not only the best specialist in Oncology, but also a very sympathetic person. All the survey I did quickly operated. It's only been 3 years, and I have become a mother to a healthy baby.
I was treated by Moshe Inbar from breast cancer, and all women who have the same problem, I advise you to address him. Even if you only consult the best specialist in this field in Israel, you will have full confidence in the correct diagnosis and how it really needs to be treated. I, for example, after the consultation, changed the stage of cancer, and therefore revised treatment – appointed additional exposure. If this is not done, the cancer would have returned.
Marina Innokentievna
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