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University clinic of Navarra

➤ University clinic of Navarra ➤ Pamplona, Spain ☺ 2 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
University clinic of Navarra called the most technologically advanced clinics in Spain, which is one of the best clinics of Europe. She works at the medical faculty of Navarre University, which allows her the first professionals to access the latest medical developments.
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University clinic of Navarra - Spain
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About clinic University clinic of Navarra

Academic clinic, which is the training base of the medical faculty of the Universidad de Navarra was founded in 62-m to year and is today considered one of the most prestigious and respected hospitals in Europe. In this multidisciplinary medical centre has 60 departments within one campus area of over 75 thousand square meters, adjacent to the center of the CIMA (applied medical research).

it is equipped with several laboratories and diagnostic centers, ICU and resuscitation for children, a hospital with 350 seats. Each year the clinic receives more than 140 thousand patients a total of 50 countries. The reception and treatment of lead 471 is a qualified doctor and about 2000 other health personnel.

15 operating rooms equipped with high-tech equipment to carry out complicated operations. For diagnostics using axial CT, PET-CT, gammagraphy, ABBI and MIBB endoscopy, densitometry, all types of ultrasound, the Bod Pod technology and laser devices. In 2018, the clinic is constantly allocating investments for the development of new technologies and improvement of professional level of experts, are accredited by JCI.

Clinic reviews
Twice was in the hospital of Navarra for cancer of the stomach 2 tbsp. for the first time – the inspection and a course of chemotherapy and then repeat the course. There is progress and health, and analysis. Thank Spanish doctors, and staff the Docklands – for the help in the organization of treatment. A pleasure to deal with professionals.
I deeply believe that there are no incurable diseases. Is running. About whether to go to treat otitis media in Spain, there was no doubt – came and went. Although many friends wondered – the right to something life-threatening... talk like people who have never had an Earache. And now I, thank God, spared from this. And not give to God deaf? I'm not Beethoven, to easily get by without a hearing. In short, thank you, gentlemen, that helped.
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