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University hospital Quiron Madrid

➤ University hospital Quiron Madrid ➤ Madrid, Spain ☺ 2 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
University hospital QUIRON MADRID - the world famous private multidisciplinary medical institution corresponding to world standards, which is confirmed, what is confirmed by ISO certificate.
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University hospital Quiron Madrid - Spain
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Doctor  Hose Boselga Hose Boselga
Jose Baselga - a A leading specialist in the field of oncology, the author of the most important studies in the field of breast cancer, the President of the European Society of Medical Oncology, head of the Cancer Center at Hospital QUIRON, Head of the Department of Oncology at Harvard and the University of Massachusetts;
About clinic University hospital Quiron Madrid

the University hospital Quiron Madrid is one of the 8 branches of the network Quiron, one of the most respected and popular in Spain. This medical center was founded a little more than 10 years ago, and today it is accredited and certified according to the ISO complex with an area of 68 thousand square meters, with a medical staff of 400 employees and a powerful laboratory-diagnostic base.

Quiron Madrid is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides care for 26 areas, including Oncology, reproductive medicine, obstetrics, prosthetics, transplantation and plastic surgery. There is also a branch of round-the-clock emergency care and a private blood Bank.

the Diagnostic base of the center is equipped with MRI, multi-detection CT, PET-CT, gamma camera, equipment for surgical neuronavigation. In addition, Quiron Madrid is the only clinic in the world that owns and uses a robotic surgical system "Da Vinci".

the Meeting at the airport, transportation, translator — these and a dozen more services provided in "quirón Madrid" for the convenience of patients. The clinic has 133 comfortable rooms including 24 isolated, and 57 houses of luxury and VIP apartments.

Clinic reviews
Not enough words to thank the doctor and all who helped me the message while I was in the Quiron clinic, where I had surgery for a hip replacement. A lot of doubts, consultations, tests, fear of possible complications after surgery – I guess I had to overcome this to now stand firmly on his feet.
I don't like talking bad about people, especially about doctors. Maybe it's my home, no luck. And yet it is difficult to understand how, HOW can a man year to drive to their offices, labs, research, and absolutely no use if in another country I was cured in two weeks? Coincidence? No, absolutely not. It turns out that I needed surgery on coronary artery bypass surgery, which could have done at home. But I am very glad that I spent it in Quiron. Trust Spanish medicine.
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