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Clinic Walton

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Hospital Velton specializing in the treatment of arthroscopy and hip and knee arthroplasty. At the clinic, patients will be able to pass not only accurate diagnostics and quality treatment with the help of modern equipment, but also rapid postoperative rehabilitation.
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Clinic Walton - Spain
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Doctor  Antonio Russi Antonio Russi
Professor, MD, a neurologist and epileptolog surgeon, neurology and clinical neurophysiology specialist, an expert in the treatment of epilepsy world-renowned. it has many scientific publications and is a member of Europe and the United States most prestigious medical societies.
Director of the Barcelona IVF and egg donation program created by "Dona-Dona"
About clinic Clinic Walton

The Medical center Teknon is the pride of the Spanish health care. Built in 1994, today it occupies an area of over 65,000 sq. m. the Clinic repeatedly confirmed the certificate of conformity of JCI registered in the register of the leading centres of the Government of Catalonia. The main directions of its work — radiation therapy and Oncology, aesthetic and plastic surgery, cardiology, diagnostics.

In the medical center Teknon there are 400 highly skilled physicians nd 1,700 specialists from different medical fields. Quickly assess patients and assign the most effective treatment of local doctors helps the latest equipment — modern computer tomographs, devices of positron emission tomography, x-ray installations etc. Annually in the laboratories of the medical center Teknon are more than 145 000 diagnostic tests.

In the clinic "Teknon" 211 single rooms and 19 rooms of class "luxury", so patients can count on quality hospital service.

What is important, the hospital is the only in Europe centre, working closely with the new York clinic MemorialSloan-KetteringCancerCenter. Thus, it ensures its customers with easy access to the latest technologies in the field of medicine.

Clinic reviews
Was truly impressed by the technological progress in Spain. CRM clinics allows you to see the results of my surveys from anywhere in the world. now for the re-examination I don't need to go to Spain, even though I love Barcelona. I being in India can come to the doctor, to show him over the Internet my story and to get his conclusion.
In The Medical Center Teknon I removed the prostate using a robot. At first was surprised, how it is, not a person but a machine will operate me. The doctor explained that of course the robot is controlled by a surgeon, just gives you the opportunity to act more accurately and to perform surgery through a small incision. Everything went without complications and I recovered quickly, no recurrence of cancer. 
In the center Teknon I was treated for lymphoma. Picked it on several criteria. I wanted to be treated in Europe, in the clinic, specializing in Oncology, but the prices were reasonable. Teknon came. Given the extortion of our cancer center, the treatment abroad cost is not much more expensive. 
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