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➤ Clinic IMED HOSPITALES - LEVANTE ➤ Benidorm, Spain ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
IMED - Levante — one of the best private clinics in Alicante. On six floors located more than a hundred wards, intensive care unit and six operating rooms. The hospital offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services, including treatment for cancer.
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IMED Levante — one of the 5 branches of “Imed”, founded in 1999 in Torrevieja Alicante province. The largest clinic network is located near the center of the city, in an area with a well-developed hotel and household infrastructure. The hospital covers an area of over 17 thousand square meters, has 108 rooms and 4 suites for a VIP host. The ICU is designed for 15 patients admitted in an emergency condition.

Medical center with a leading position in the field of private medicine in Spain, paying special attention to the improvement of technical equipment and innovation. 28 among the specialized areas of work — cardiology, neurosurgery, management of pregnancy. Anyone who refers to the Department of assisted reproductive technology, guaranteed 100% refund if no pregnancy after the 4th IVF.

Additional services for patients from other countries include online consultations, interpreter services, registration of insurance, meeting at the airport and help with accommodation for relatives of patients in nearby hotels. Food is prepared according to the diet recommended by your doctor. Throughout the clinic provides facilities for guests with disabilities.

Clinic reviews
Three months ago, I did in IMED HOSPITALES - LEVANTE hair transplant surgery. For the first time traveled abroad for treatment, worried. It turned out that even there are Russian-speaking staff. And, moreover, in my situation, and so it is clear what to do. The quality is at the level of: making seamless method of grafts transplanted lot. What more can I say? I gather up on this operation for 4 months at my low selary. Very satisfied.
It worked for me by accident. Came across the name of this Spanish clinic at the Docklands, so familiar. Then I remembered that employee from the work done in the Levant cardiac surgery and was ecstatic. My problem was neurological, but it may well be that, too, will need surgery. Now just the third day here, doing research, until the question of the method of treatment is open. But the first impression of the clinic and my doctor is just wonderful!
I must say that I really liked in College. The establishment of a small, profile. And many decisions doctors take collectively. The level of each of the 7 neurosurgeons clinic is very high. I went to Barcelona without an accurate diagnosis, so for me it was very important. Trust the General conclusion of these experts unconditionally! Your eyes saw the great, crazy, brilliant Gaudi. Still dreaming...
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