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Important information

Neonatology - nursing of newborns. doctors - a neonatology surely are present at all childbirth, help the newborn child to make the first breath, to adapt to new living conditions, create optimum conditions for nursing of babies, are engaged in their inspection and treatment.

What Neonatolog does?

Work of a neonatolog happens as a rule during the period from 22nd week of development of a fruit to the 7th days of his life. At this time it is possible to carry out prevention of many chronic diseases of the person.

Complications and Deviations

Nursing of babies with a weight at the birth about 500 grams, defects of pre-natal development - the main specialization of experts, successfully cope with the matters foreign experts.

You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Poland .
Я ездил в Польшу вместе со своей мамой, у которой целый «букет» сердечных болезней. В России врачи все списывали на возраст и, по моему мнению, подходили к лечению очень поверхностно. В отделении кардиологии клиники  Medicover...
Николай, 40 years
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University hospital in Krakow
University hospital in Krakow – the largest multi-medical center in Poland, with more than 200 years since the founding.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
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Clinic Medicover
The first private clinic in Poland, the large multi-center
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Women's health clinic INVICTA
Polish clinic INVICTA, well known not only in Poland but also throughout Europe, specializing for the treatment of infertility. Highly professional team of doctors actively applies modern medical procedures and technologies for realization of Your ...
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
When I was 7 months pregnant, my husband and I went to Thailand for a vacation. Previously I asked a physician about possible contraindications. He assured me that nothing to worry about and I can fly. On arrival in Thailand, on the third day, I began to have severe pain! Contacting an insurance service, we unexpectedly found that pregnancy is not an insurance case! So we began looking for a clinic where the quality of services would be at a high level, independently. And we found it is the Piyavate hospital! I'm pretty skeptical up to this point belonged to foreign experts, but they showed themselves to be real experts in their field! I started preterm labor, and a doctor from the hospital Piyavate managed to save my baby! Now I'm not afraid to fly to Thailand, even being in the situation, as I know the doctors of Piyavate hospital - professionals with a capital letter!
Was very surprised by the high quality service clinics Fortis Vasant Kunj in Delhi. The fact that my husband and I went to rest, when I was 8 months pregnant. Two days after arrival, I went into preterm labor and we went to the clinic. The hospital was large, spacious and comfortable. I put kapelice and spent therapy to stop delivery. As a result, in this hospital I stayed 3 days, looked after me like in the Princess and myself on the 3rd day felt great! I gave childbirth in the end, in Moscow at 39 weeks a healthy baby!
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Doctor  Mariya Gaydulevich Mariya Gaydulevich

it, a A leading specialist in Neonatology and Clinical Genetics

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