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Piyavate hospital

5 reviews
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➤ Piyavate hospital ➤ Bangkok, Thailand ☺ 5 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
One of the leading hospitals in the country, provides medical services in all areas.
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Doctor  Vadchara Pumpradit Vadchara Pumpradit

It is engaged in the treatment of infectious diseases and internal.

About Piyavate hospital
Clinic reviews
I held orthopedic rehabilitation at the hospital "Piyavate" not long ago, and I have something to say about it .Well, firstly, for the money this is a great place with a knowledgeable staff.Looks very comfortable and cozy.Yes, to fly abroad is always scary, I too was afraid of it.But, I assure you, it was worth the money, because such services offered by this hospital, we have at home.
My husband and I decided to have a baby, but did not succeed. Was diagnosed with a terrible as I thought, the diagnosis - infertility. No one in Russia undertook to do in vitro fertilization because of my mental illness. We decided to go to another country for IVF. Of course we were scared didn't know neither the language nor the country. All fears proved groundless, excellent clinic, helped us. Now we're parents of two wonderful twins Nikolai and Anatoly. All behind. We are happy.
After the first unsuccessful baby childbirth in Russia, I have lost hope to become mother. Long planned, nothing happened when I dropped all expectations, found out about our miracle. No matter what, I never even looked at our hospitals and clinics. We found this hospital don't even remember, but clearly remember here was born our happiness. I don't think it can compare with our hospitals, starting from the relationship to the mother and ending with the care of a newborn baby. Thank you for the worthy performance of their work.
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