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The first private clinic in Poland, the large multi-center
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Clinic Medicover - Poland
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Anna Krisyukevich Fenger Anna Krisyukevich Fenger
A A leading experts in the field of pediatric endocrinology and pediatrics in Poland
Doctor  Matsey Kelar Matsey Kelar
Maciej Chelaru is an expert in the areas of general and vascular surgery
Doctor  Mechislav Kopach Mechislav Kopach
The professor, a specialist in matters of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases
About clinic Clinic Medicover

Clinic Medicover is the largest medical center in Poland, the first private medical institution of the country. It brings together administrative 3 medical centers and 7 specialized institutions that annually more than 4000 operations.

specialists prefer a minimally invasive therapeutic procedures, non-implementation of the deep cuts. This minimizes the risk of postoperative complications and shorten the rehabilitation period. The latter is especially important for foreign patients, because every day spent on the territory of a foreign country is quite expensive.

new med. equipment local doctors are using digital mammography, 4D ultrasound scanner, 128-slice CT scanner, digital x-ray machine. MRI system available to the centre, allows for a few minutes to scan the whole body.

After treatment, the Medicover patients unable to undergo rehabilitation. For maximum comfort they are offered accommodation in single and double rooms, apartments and family rooms.

Clinic reviews
Operated on Maciej Clara after the injury, I was disturbed circulation in the hand, as burst vessels. Required for their recovery, for which I was advised to go to Poland, to the doctor Chelaru. I am grateful for the high professionalism, and very pleased that so close and cheap to contact the experts of such level.
Made in Medicover knee surgery after his accident. Was a torn ligament, the displacement, to move independently, I could not. It's great that Poland is relatively close, to go long, and at the airport I was met by car. I am grateful for a well-done operation, the media is just for human relations.
I went to Poland with his mother, she has a “bouquet” of heart disease. In Russia the doctors all blamed on age and, in my opinion, came to the treatment is very superficial. In the cardiology clinic  Medicover, which is headed by Professor Kopacz, mom had a very thorough examination clarified the diagnosis, and finally, he prescribed a medication that really helps.
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