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Bethanien hospital is located in Frankfurt am main, and is one of the most famous multi-functional treatment centres in Germany
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Bethanien Hospital - Germany
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Doctor  Kornelia Yaursh Hanke Kornelia Yaursh Hanke
Highly qualified physician diabetologist, specializes in consultation in the field of nutrition, treatment of endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and other diseases.
About clinic Bethanien Hospital

Bethanien Hospital — it is the largest frequent clinic in Germany, bringing together 20 specialized offices. She is known worldwide for the high level of service and quality of the services rendered: every year at the medical center Bethanien treats over 5000 outpatients and 1,500 inpatients. 

Specialists of the hospital Bethanien regularly improve their qualification, participate in programs to exchange experience with foreign colleagues. Among them — professors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences, scientific staff.

the center has well-equipped departments of anesthesiology, diabetology, surgery, angiology, phlebology, vascular surgery. Operations on the intestine, the vessels, the removal of cancerous tumors doctors medical facilities have used innovative medical equipment. The pride of the Bethanien hospital is the cardiology Department, where he successfully carried out the treatment of the most complex diseases of the heart.

The organization is calculated on 250 places. Chamber in a German clinic is equipped with everything necessary, so patients do not experience discomfort during a long stay away from home.

Clinic reviews
My daughter had a strong posture in school. We went to physical therapy and was observed periodically by a podiatrist. But there is no improvement. Incorrect posture has led to scoliosis. We did not consult with our doctor and consulted a specialist in a major private clinic in Germany. He comforted us and promised a positive result. However the treatment will be time-consuming, as it includes the period of rehabilitation.
After colds, I noticed that I had a very enlarged lymph nodes. Treated them conventional pharmaceutical means, but they still remained quite large. I became disturbed, because my health condition became bad. I began to suffer from headaches and to sleep badly. Addressed to the therapist, but he sent me to an oncologist. And in the end, after examination, I was diagnosed cancer. It was a heavy blow for me! My family and I have decided that I will undergo treatment in Germany, hospital Bethanien, knowing that there we will really help. Bought tickets on the next flight and checked out the visa thank God we had. I now examined. Glad applied at the initial stage of the disease.
I am now only 37 years old and I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. I used to think that only grandparents suffer this disorder, but it turned out that the disease is getting younger. The doctor immediately prescribed me loads of medicines and prescribed diet, and said that I was genetically predisposed to this disease. I immediately began to look for another specialist I was prescribed a more effective treatment. And a lot of good read about this clinic. I liked this and the treatment he suggested is quite different. I believe I'll be fine!
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