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Quality medicine, personal care, good service - all this combined with the Max Grundig. The clinic offers preventive medicine, treatment of existing problems and rehabilitation.
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Clinic Max Grundig - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Kurt Diem Kurt Diem
A A leading specialist of Angiology, head of the department of cardiology and sports medicine. it specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Doctor  Klements Urgen Klements Urgen
A verye skilled oncologist, head of the department of oncology.
Doctor  Rakph Goldshmidt Rakph Goldshmidt
A highly qualified nephrologist and rheumatologist, specializes in the treatment of major diseases of the kidneys and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The head of Department of Nephrology and Rheumatology.
Doctor  Peter Maurer Peter Maurer
An outstanding specialist gastroenterologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive organs.
Doctor  Rene Maltskorn Rene Maltskorn
A talented specialist orthopedic, head of department of orthopedics.
About clinic Clinic Max Grundig

Max Grundig Clinic – a hospital. This clinic is more reminiscent of a luxury hotel, where your health do helpful and attentive professionals. The clinic had three KTQ certification that confirms the highest level of medical care. The center's specialists working in 13 areas, including rheumatology, gastroenterology, immunology, endocrinology. Here you can take a survey "check-up" and excellent treatment in a relaxing atmosphere.

the clinic is Max Grundig there are 13 excellent 6 excellent doctors and physiotherapists. The care of patients have 20 attentive and sympathetic nurses. The doctors are attentive to each patient, an individual approach and develop the most effective treatment.

Max Grundig Clinic is well equipped and has all the advanced technical means for accurate diagnosis, successful treatment and laboratory research.

the Clinic is Max Grundig is completely new format the patients. People get first-class stay in a beautiful room, have the opportunity to visit the restaurant and receive the best treatment.

Clinic reviews
From childbirth I have a heart defect, but until 18 years old I was not bothered, until he began to attend sports training 3 times a week. Then felt sick and EKG. The diagnosis of aneurysm of the WFP. The doctor said only operation! Parents were alarmed, let's find me a doctor. Looked at the price tag at us and abroad, and the service also drew attention. In the end still chose treatment abroad, after all the only son and such a big problem. On the portal they offered a clinic Max Grundig enabled staff of professionals and an excellent rehabilitation center. I have had surgery 2 weeks ago, now I am in recovery. I'm fine!
The child is 11 years to get a stable compression fracture of one vertebra in the lumbar spine during training for combat Sambo. Very afraid for him if I can walk! Did not think that children's sport can lead to such....Began to look for a specialized center where we could help. A friend of her husband suggested a couple of good, as he the doctor was a friend, a podiatrist. Pull Max Grundig the Clinic because his doctor doctor Malzkorn. Now the son in the heart and he will undergo surgery. Center is good, with advanced equipment and trained medical staff. Let's hope!
My brother after a traumatic brain injury, revealed meningitis. 3 weeks he lay in intensive care, but citoz was still at a high level. Created for him an artificial coma, to be transported to the Clinic Max Grundig, where agreed in advance of treatment. Took him on the plane, and there in Germany, he waited for the ambulance from the clinic. Did the surgery and the status now of moderate severity. Thank you to the staff of the hospital and personally Kurt Diemu.
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